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Another Trump High Court Pick? Easier With A GOP Senate

By Michael Macagnone and Jimmy Hoover

After Republicans increased their margin in the Senate with a slew of victories Tuesday night, they have an easier path to confirm judges both at the appellate level and at the U.S. Supreme Court.

What Congress' Shift Means For Workplace Law

By Braden Campbell

Meaningful changes to the labor and employment law landscape are a long shot after Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives, but the shift gives the Democrats a platform to spotlight priorities like workers’ organizing rights. Here’s a look at what Tuesday’s midterm election results might mean for employers.

Here’s What The Next Congress Might Do On Patents

By Ryan Davis

In the wake of the midterm elections, attorneys expect patent legislation to remain a fairly low priority in the next Congress, with bills aimed at strengthening patents facing uncertain prospects of passage and legislators long focused on intellectual property leaving office.

Newly Blue Texas Appeals Courts Could Benefit Plaintiffs

By Michelle Casady

The election of more than two dozen Democratic judges to Texas' Republican-dominated intermediate courts of appeal in the midterm elections could mean litigants will see more deference to trial court judgments and more consumer-friendly rulings, experts say.

House Win Gives Dems Chance To Push New Antitrust Tack

By Matthew Perlman

House Democrats will have a platform to push their progressive antitrust priorities well before the next presidential election after winning control of the chamber in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Cannabis Wins In Midterms Show Legal Pot A Bipartisan Draw

By Diana Novak Jones

Voters in conservative states pushed forward a wave of cannabis legalization initiatives during Tuesday's midterm elections, a showing of bipartisan support that experts say bodes well for the industry as it looks to go mainstream.

Expert Analysis

5 Business Takeaways From The Midterms

By Mary Moore Hamrick

Now that the midterms are over, business leaders have a little insight into the future of taxes, trade and other policy issues affecting the economy. Still, companies should remain agile as, come January, a new and divided Congress will begin to chart its course, says Mary Moore Hamrick of Grant Thornton LLP.

Life After The Midterms For Fintech And Digital Assets

By Dina Ellis Rochkind and Lara Kaplan

Following the 2018 midterm elections and subsequent change in composition of Congress, there are new dynamics at play as to how cryptocurrency, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will be treated from a legislative and regulatory perspective, say Dina Ellis Rochkind and Lara Kaplan of Paul Hastings LLP.

What Does A Split Congress Mean For Drug Pricing Agenda?

By Miranda Franco and Ethan Jorgensen-Earp

Democrats made drug pricing a pillar of the party’s health care agenda in the 2018 midterm elections. Now, with the majority in the House, they must confront several challenges, say Miranda Franco and Ethan Jorgensen-Earp of Holland & Knight LLP.


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