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Law360 Insurance Authority is the preeminent news source for in-depth insights and analyses on insurance. By combining the speed and quality of Law360 with the expertise of the industry's best insurance reporters, Law360 Insurance Authority provides comprehensive coverage and analysis in property, general liability, and specialty line insurance.

General Liability

  • Litigation over coverage for product liability lawsuits and “personal and advertising injury” claims against policyholders
  • Multi-year and/or multi-policy coverage disputes
  • Coverage disputes over property damage, construction defect or bodily injury claims arising from building or renovation projects
  • Regulatory enforcement actions against general liability insurers


  • Litigation over coverage for property damage caused by fires or natural disasters, or business interruption losses due to COVID-19
  • Litigation against auto insurers that have disputed uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, including subsequent bad faith lawsuits
  • Property insurance legislation and regulation
  • Regulatory enforcement actions against property insurers

Specialty Lines

  • Litigation over coverage for data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cybersecurity incidents under specialized cyber insurance policies
  • Litigation over coverage for C-suite insurance lines, namely directors and officers, professional liability and errors, and omissions policies
  • New privacy and data security legislation and regulations
  • Regulatory enforcement actions against cyber insurance carriers and Insurtech companies

Breaking News

Law360 Insurance Authority provides up-to-the-minute news on the latest events and issues in insurance law. Our team of experienced insurance reporters strives to cover most events within 24 hours, and our real-time alerts and daily newsletters make sure you know about them.

In-Depth Analysis

Law360 Insurance Authority goes beyond just the news, taking a deep look at the trends that impact your practice. Through daily features, special series and interviews with high-profile newsmakers, you’ll gain valuable insight into the forces shaping insurance law and policy.

Expert Analysis

Law360 Insurance Authority includes third-party analysis written by some of the most renowned minds in the field, including law firm leaders, insurance counsel, regulatory officials, state and federal lawmakers, professors, think tank analysts and researchers, and others.

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