Henderson et al v. Vision Property Management, LLC et al

  1. April 30, 2024

    Mich. Judge Admits Error In Cutting Predatory Lending Claims

    A Michigan federal judge admitted she was wrong to toss fair housing claims alleging a group of real estate companies ran a bulk home buying program that preyed on Black buyers, reviving the claims and reversing a decision to cut a defendant from the case.

  2. December 08, 2023

    Investment Co. Says Homebuyers Shouldn't Get Third Chance

    An investment advisory company told a Michigan federal judge that a group of homebuyers should not be allowed a third chance to bring a complaint alleging multiple companies ran a national bulk homebuying program that preyed on minorities, saying they included changes to the complaint that weren't approved by the court. 

  3. May 10, 2023

    Class Bid To Halt Home Sales 'Anti-American,' RE Cos. Say

    A series of real estate companies accused of running a national bulk homebuying program that preyed on Black buyers urged a Michigan federal judge on Wednesday to reject the plaintiffs' bid to freeze some of their operations while the suit is pending, arguing the motion is "anti-business" and "anti-American."