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Justices' Starbucks Ruling May Limit NLRB Injunction Wins

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Starbucks v. McKinney, adopting a more stringent test for National Lab... (more story)

Class Actions At The Circuit Courts: July Lessons

In this month's review of class action appeals, Mitchell Engel at Shook Hardy considers cases touching on pre- and... (more story)

How To Comply With Chicago's New Paid Leave Ordinance

Chicago's new Paid Leave and Paid Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance went into effect earlier this month, so employers ... (more story)

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Going 'Dark': Switching Sides In The Polarized Labor Field

The practice of labor law is defined by its ideological divide, and few attorneys who start on one side of the labor-management split ever move to the other. Those who have say the move can invite scorn from t... (more story)

Restaurant Fired Server For Complaining, NLRB Judge Says

A Minnesota restaurant violated the National Labor Relations Act when it put a former server and bartender on probation and then fired her for complaining about her shifts and wages being cut, a National Labor... (more story)

National Labor Relations Board attorneys told the D.C. Circuit that JLL's claims that a union election of its workers was illegitimate do not hold up. ( Trottmann)
JLL Illegally Snubbed Union, NLRB Attys Tell DC Circ.

The D.C. Circuit should uphold the National Labor Relations Board's ruling that property management company JLL illegally snubbed the union voted in by a group of California maintenance technicians, board atto... (more story)

Calif. Forecast: $5M Nurses Wage Deal Up For Approval

In the coming week, attorneys should keep an eye out for the potential final approval of a $5 million deal to end a class action against a nurse staffing agency. Here's a look at that case and other labor and ... (more story)

AFL-CIO Backs NLRB Ruling In Home Depot BLM Apron Case

The AFL-CIO backed the National Labor Relations Board's effort to keep a ruling that Home Depot unlawfully forced a worker to remove a Black Lives Matter message from their apron, telling the Eighth Circuit th... (more story)

Rising Star: Jackson Lewis' Douglas J. Klein

Douglas J. Klein of Jackson Lewis PC has defended employers against class and collective actions, including federal court cases involving a "naked" class waiver at Insomnia Cookies and wage-and-hour claims aga... (more story)

NY Forecast: NLRB Injunction Bid Against Starbucks Resumes

A status conference is scheduled this week in the National Labor Relations Board's recently revived suit seeking an injunction barring Starbucks from violating federal labor law at stores across the country.

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US Chess Tolerates Human Trafficking, Champion Claims

The U.S. Chess Federation provides an arena for human trafficking and retaliated against a whistleblower who reported alleged sexual abuse, a two-time national champion claims in a lawsuit filed in New Jersey state court.

Hanes Fired Remote Worker Over COVID Vax Refusal, Suit Says

A former Hanes employee brought a discrimination suit against the clothing company Friday, claiming he was fired after the employer refused to provide religious accommodations regarding its COVID-19 vaccine ma... (more story)

Several Republican attorneys general say an Indiana federal judge got it wrong when she tossed a Christian teacher’s lawsuit alleging he was unlawfully forced to resign because he would not use transgender students’ preferred names and pronouns. (Nicolas Armer/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)
Red States Back Christian Teacher Over Pronoun Policy

A group of Republican attorneys general urged the Seventh Circuit to revive a teacher's lawsuit claiming he was fired for refusing to call a transgender student by their preferred name, saying the trial court ... (more story)

Atlanta Strikes Deal To End Ex-Worker's Retaliation Suit

The City of Atlanta reached a deal with its former immigrant affairs director to resolve her lawsuit alleging she was fired after blowing the whistle on failures in its immigrant outreach services, according t... (more story)

6th Circ. Rejects Teacher's Bid To Revive Retaliation Suit

The Sixth Circuit refused to reopen a substitute teacher's lawsuit alleging a Tennessee school district placed her under undue scrutiny because she complained about age discrimination, saying she failed to sho... (more story)

Ex-Bronco Linebacker Sues NFL Over Denied THC Exemption

A former linebacker for the Denver Broncos is suing the team and the National Football League, alleging they're violating the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by denying him an exemption to use synthetic THC t... (more story)

Right-Wing Policy Plans Would Defang Civil Rights Watchdogs

Project 2025, a prominent conservative organization's playbook for a potential incoming Republican administration, proposes drastically scaling back federal civil rights agencies' ability to enforce workplace ... (more story)

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FTC Wants To Block Kroger & Albertsons' 'Principal Defense'

Federal Trade Commission staffers want to block Kroger and Albertsons from using their main defense to an in-house merger challenge — the plan to sell off 579 stores — or otherwise force the companies to produ... (more story)

9th Circ. Says Fueling Planes Is Arbitration-Exempt Work

The Ninth Circuit on Friday affirmed that an airplane fuel pumper can proceed with his unpaid wage claims in federal court rather than in arbitration, ruling his work is involved in the flow of interstate comm... (more story)

A Maryland federal judge shot down the notion that some of an unclaimed settlement over tip rules should go to lawyers for Famous Dave's workers, saying that what they were already paid "will have to suffice for their work in this case, past and future." (Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa USA via AP Images)
Famous Dave's Attys Can't Score Extra Fees In $1M Tip Deal

Attorneys representing workers for Famous Dave's can't get additional fees from funds left over from a settlement resolving claims that the restaurant chain violated tip regulations, a Maryland federal judge r... (more story)

Temple U.'s Ken Jacobsen On NCAA-House Deal, What's Next

Even with a deal of such size and consequence — approximately $2.8 billion, more than 184,000 athletes in the class, all the Power Five conferences named and with decades of court rulings leading up to it — th... (more story)

NJ Says 3rd Circ. Ruling Backs State Temp Worker Law

The State of New Jersey called a federal court's attention to a recent Third Circuit decision holding that the bar for issuing preliminary injunctions should be higher, saying the ruling supports its argument ... (more story)

Coffee Chain Owes OT, Brewer Says

Production workers for a coffee chain haven't been getting paid for the time it takes them to put on and take off protective equipment, cheating them out of overtime wages, a brewer claimed in a proposed colle... (more story)

Miner Seeks Atty Fees After 4th Circ. DOL Judges Ruling

A former miner urged the Fourth Circuit to approve approximately $21,000 in attorney fees in his case seeking benefits for his black lung disease, saying he has been unable to reach a settlement with an engine... (more story)