Judges' Financial Disclosures Missing In Big Business Courts

By Cara Bayles

By mid-November, federal judges’ 2022 financial disclosure forms should have been available on a public database, but only half the reports were up. Many courts that draw commercial litigation, from New Jersey to the Ninth Circuit, still had many judges missing, and a new type of report, meant to provide real-time snapshots of judges’ major windfalls, can take more than a year to be posted, flouting federal law.

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    GOP AGs Say Nasdaq Board Diversity Rule Is Unconstitutional

    Republican attorneys general from 19 states have backed two conservative groups' bid for another shot at overturning a Nasdaq Stock Market requirement that makes exchange-listed companies publicly disclose board diversity data, arguing the rule violates the Constitution's equal protection clause.

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    Play Ball! Fla. Ethics Panel OKs Judge To Attend Softball Game

    A Florida judicial ethics panel this week said that a state judge may attend a softball game between a local sheriff's office and police department as long as certain conditions are followed that don't create questions about the judge's impartiality.

  • Daily Litigation

    Trump's Bankers Testify They Saw No Fraud And Made Millions

    Current and former Deutsche Bank employees told a New York state judge Tuesday and Wednesday that they raked in millions from Donald Trump's business and saw no fraud in the nine-figure loans they approved, but the judge appeared unswayed by arguments that the testimony undermined the attorney general's case.

  • Courts

    Man Charged Over Foiled Plot To Assassinate NY Atty

    An Indian national was recruited into an international plot to assassinate an attorney connected to a Punjab political revolution, according to an indictment filed in New York federal court Wednesday.

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    New York Pulse

    NYC Bike Attys Take Advocacy From Courtroom To The Street

    The website of New York City-based personal injury firm Flanzig & Flanzig LLP is filled with pictures of attorney Daniel Flanzig riding his bike.

  • Connecticut Pulse

    Hartford Financial Group GC Resigning, Deputy Promoted

    David Robinson, the longtime executive vice president and general counsel of The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., is resigning after 17 years with the company and will be replaced by his deputy general counsel, Donald Hunt. 

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    Daily Litigation

    U-Haul GC Says New Firm Is Culmination Of In-House Career

    U-Haul's longtime general counsel has left to form his own dispute resolution firm, which he told Law360 Pulse on Wednesday was the culmination of a successful in-house career.

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    California Pulse

    63 In-House Legal Teams Win Mansfield Diversity Certification

    Dozens of in-house legal departments at high-profile companies have completed the most recent iteration of Diversity Lab's Mansfield Rule certification process, which aims to boost the number of attorneys from historically underrepresented groups in leadership positions and consideration for development opportunities.

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    Legal Tech

    Be Wary Of Legal Tech Cos. Claiming To Be 'First'

    Bragging about being first has become customary in the growing legal technology sector, even if the truth about those proclamations is debatable.

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    Modern Lawyer

    NYU Student Bar President Ousted After Israel Comments

    The New York University School of Law Student Bar Association has voted to oust Ryna Workman as its president, after the student faced backlash for their comments about the war between Israel and Hamas, an image of an email posted to X, formerly Twitter, showed Tuesday.

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