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Insurance Cos. Are Stretching Construction Standard Limits

In the construction sector, the importance of closely vetting downstream parties' insurance policies has never bee... (more story)

7 Ways Telco Operators Can Approach Lead Cable Claims

A recent spotlight on the telecommunication industry shows that companies in the field have known for decades that... (more story)

What Wis. High Court Ruling Means For Coverage Analysis

Overturning insurance law precedent in 5 Walworth v. Engerman Contracting, the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently re... (more story)

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No Early Win In Colo. Condo Group's Hail Coverage Suit

A Colorado federal judge refused to grant an early win to American Family Mutual Insurance Co. or a Denver condominium association in a suit over coverage for hail storm damage, saying there are still question... (more story)

Why One Property Insurer Doubled Down On Florida

While numerous property insurers left Florida even before Hurricane Ian barreled through, one insurance executive reflects on his company's choice to double down on offering policies in the Sunshine State.

The Sixth Circuit ruled a district court shouldn't have accepted a joint stipulation from an insurer and a couple who suffered a house fire, sending part of their coverage dispute back to the lower court. (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
6th Circ. Says Insurance Coverage Deals 'Don't Bind A Court'

The Sixth Circuit remanded to an Ohio federal court part of a coverage dispute regarding the amount of repair and replacement coverage owed to a couple after a house fire, finding Monday that an agreement betw... (more story)

Magistrate Judge Wrong To Suggest Dismissal, Insurer Says

An insurer objected to a magistrate judge's recommendation that its Oklahoma federal court lawsuit be dismissed in favor of an underlying fire damage suit, arguing that the other parties in the state court act... (more story)

Years Of Turmoil Forecast In Fla. Property Insurance Market

Property insurers in Florida faced a perfect storm of expensive litigation and soaring costs in 2022 that left the marketplace reeling and will have ripple effects for years to come, despite recent efforts by lawmakers.

Boat Price Lie Voids $1.85M Marine Policy, Insurer Says

A yacht owner's misrepresentation of a boat's purchase price voids its marine insurance policy, its insurer told a Florida federal court, explaining why it could not cover a February fire on the 2021 vessel th... (more story)

Insurer Secures Win In Ga. Hospitals' COVID-19 Coverage Suit

Affiliated FM Insurance Co. paid a group of Augusta University hospitals the maximum amount due under the policies' communicable disease coverage, a Georgia federal court ruled, finding that the group was enti... (more story)

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Undecided Briefs Delay Memphis Music Studio Insurance Trial

A federal judge has paused insurer Hanover American's upcoming mid-October trial in litigation challenging a $2.5 million coverage bill for an arson at a recording studio complex at the former House of Blues i... (more story)

Nev. Court Won't Rethink Primary Insurer's Role In Crash Suit

A Nevada federal judge denied a traffic control insurer's request to reconsider a ruling finding it must defend its policyholder and an additional insured in a lawsuit brought by an injured motorcyclist, uphol... (more story)

A Texas federal judge ruled that Philadelphia Indemnity "made no misrepresentations of specific policy terms that could satisfy the essential elements of a fraud-based claim." (
Insurer Freed From 'My 600-lb. Life' Producers' Fraud Claims

An insurer for the producers of the reality TV show "My 600-lb. Life" did not fraudulently induce them into purchasing insurance that contained a reality TV exclusion for a certain part of its general liabilit... (more story)

1st Circ. Tasked With Big Decision On Insurer Cost Recovery

The First Circuit will face a formidable task when it addresses whether an insurer can recover the costs it incurred defending and settling a personal injury suit, experts say, as it must decide if a federal j... (more story)

Trucking Co. Not Covered For Inexperienced Driver's Crash

An interstate trucking company isn't entitled to coverage for a crash that damaged one of its vehicles, an Illinois federal court ruled, saying the driver of the truck fell short of having a full year of conti... (more story)

5th Circ. Asked To Rethink Ax Of $2M Crash Coverage Suit

A man injured in a car crash asked a Fifth Circuit panel to reconsider its decision that a Chubb unit doesn't need to cover a $2 million judgment against the driver of an Avis rental vehicle driven by a traveler from Spain.

Ga. Sperm Bank Not Covered Over Donor Claims, Insurer Says

A Georgia-based sperm bank and related entities cannot get coverage over claims that a donor's genetic abnormalities were passed down to clients' children, the sperm bank's excess insurer told a Georgia state ... (more story)

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Justices Skip ABKCO Music Suit, School TM Fight & More

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned down appeals covering several intellectual property disputes, including ABKCO Music's appeal of a Second Circuit ruling that a music archive's founder was not directly r... (more story)

Insurer Says Club Not Covered For $18.1M Shooting Judgment

A nightclub's insurer owes no coverage for a roughly $18.1 million default judgment it faces following a shooting in 2019, its insurer told a South Carolina federal court, noting the club's policy was not in e... (more story)

Two Berkshire Hathaway units argued that they do not need to cover a civil suit by over a hundred former patients of a doctor convicted of child sexual assault. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Insurers Seek To Avoid 104 Patients' Doctor Sex Abuse Claims

Professional liability insurers for two health care providers and a doctor convicted of child sex assault told a Pennsylvania federal court that they should not have to cover a related civil suit filed by over... (more story)

Insurer Agency Not Covered For Coverage Lapse Lawsuit

An insurance agency's professional liability insurer has no duty to defend it over underlying fraud claims after it failed to properly renew coverage for a client's underground gas station storage tanks, a Mic... (more story)

Crum & Forster Liable For Truck Driver's Claims, Court Says

Crum & Forster is liable for a workers' compensation claim that an injured truck driver brought against another insurer and a transport company, a Georgia federal court ruled, saying the issue of damages could... (more story)

Okla. Court Lobs Truck Co.'s Pollution Coverage Suit To La.

An Oklahoma federal court paused a dispute over coverage for a trucking company accused of polluting a couple's property through a leaking saltwater disposal well, deferring to a Louisiana federal court consid... (more story)

Zurich Wins $26M In Dispute Over Construction Family Rift

An insurer is owed $26 million in a lawsuit in which family members of a construction company founder were accused of working with the insurer to trigger defaults and lawsuits over a handful of large projects,... (more story)