• Everything You Need To Know About Partner Pay

    Want to know how your compensation compares with your peers'? How your practice area stacks up? Whether your level of satisfaction with your compensation matches other partners'? Explore the ins and outs of law firm partner compensation with our interactive graphic.

  • The 2022 Partner Compensation Survey

    The 2022 Partner Compensation Survey finds that partner compensation has fully recovered from the pandemic, with average pay surpassing $1 million and big jumps in corporate practices as well as some of the smaller major cities.

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    The 2022 Summer Associates Survey: Part 2

    Many law firms were able to welcome their summer associates in person for the first time since before the pandemic began. Find out which firms were this year’s summer winners and what summers liked best about their experiences and training, in the latest survey from Law360 Pulse.

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    These Firms Were The Top For Their Summer Associates

    BigLaw summer programs got more high marks from lawyers-in-training this year, with many praising firms for copious in-person learning opportunities in the wake of the pandemic and the chance to dedicate their time to innovation projects.

  • The 2022 Glass Ceiling Report: Women In Law

    For nearly a decade, Law360 has been tracking gender equity at law firms as they continue working to close the gender gap. Our latest report shows where firms are succeeding and where they’re falling short on reaching gender parity.

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    The 2022 Diversity Snapshot

    For the eighth year in a row, Law360 is taking an in-depth look at law firms’ diversity data to show how they stack up against each other, how far they’ve come, and how far they still have to go.

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    Law360's Diversity Snapshot: How Firms Stack Up

    Law firms have made incremental progress toward diversifying their attorney ranks, yet many firms are behind on their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. In this year’s Diversity Snapshot, Law360 Pulse takes a look at how diversity in law firms’ headcounts compares with what it could be based on the potential marketplace of new hires.

  • The 2022 Law Firm Culture Survey

    Law360 Pulse partnered with Major Lindsey & Africa to survey attorneys on what the idea of law firm culture means to them, what aspects of it they think their firms are good at and struggle with. Here, we take a look at our results.

  • The 2022 Law360 400

    For the ninth year in a row, Law360 is pleased to announce our list of the 400 largest U.S. firms by headcount.

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    The 2022 Summer Associates Survey

    Law firms began eyeing a return to normalcy with their summer programs in 2022, after two years of modified programming because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out what’s in store for this year’s summers, as well as which firms topped their wish lists, in the latest survey from Law360 Pulse.

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    These Firms Are Where Summers Want To Work

    Shifting sentiments around what law students value in summer associate programs are driving changes in which law firms win out in today’s competitive environment for talent, with a new Law360 Pulse survey highlighting the value of factors like remote work options, diversity and work-life balance.

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    Fat Salaries Are Nice But Don't Drive Summer Associates

    For most law students, paychecks for summer programs are widely seen as at least adequate; for some, they're transformative. Law360 Pulse dives into how much firms are paying their summer associates and what a big paycheck can mean to the cohort.

  • The 2022 Lawyer Satisfaction Survey

    Attorneys are generally satisfied with their jobs and the culture of their law firms, but stress levels continue to run high across the profession, according to the 2022 Law360 Pulse Lawyer Satisfaction Survey.

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    LawLife 2.0: How The Pandemic Redefined The Way We Work

    As the global COVID-19 pandemic nears the start of its third year, attorneys all over the U.S. are divided on how much time they'd like to spend at the office going forward, but most agree that at least some time spent face-to-face with colleagues is what they'd prefer. Partners and associates also held differing views on how much law firm culture has shifted — and in what direction — since the onset of the pandemic.

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    The 2021 Law360 Pulse Leaderboard

    Check out the inaugural Law360 Pulse Leaderboard, along with news analysis and interactive graphics, to see how firms stack up on social impact, reputation and practice footprint.

  • The 2021 Law360 Pulse Prestige Leaders

    Check out our Law360 Pulse Prestige Leaders ranking, news analysis and interactive graphics to see how firms compare on everything from financials to reputation among the newest crop of attorneys.

  • The 2021 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders

    Check out our Social Impact Leaders ranking, news analysis and interactive graphics to see how firms compare as they engage with the idea of making a social impact and finding ways it can be measured.

  • Law360 Law Firm Merger Tracker

    The Law360 Pulse Merger Tracker

    Law firm combinations experienced a slowdown last year amid the pandemic, but appear to be heading for a modest rebound in 2021. Explore this year's tie-ups with our interactive graphic.  

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    The 2021 Summer Associates Survey: Part 2

    Summer programs have undergone big changes in the past two years amid the pandemic, and expectations are shifting for what a successful summer associateship looks like. Find out which firms left their summers happy and what programs worked and didn’t work in Law360 Pulse’s post-program survey.

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    The 2021 Glass Ceiling Report

    Law firms are facing more pressure than ever to ensure that women are equitably represented in their ranks, but progress remains slow and parity is a distant goal. Here's our annual ranking of firms based on their representation of female attorneys at the associate and partner levels, with a detailed look at what life and forging a career is like for women in the law.

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    The 2021 Diversity Snapshot

    The 2021 Diversity Snapshot shows a legal industry that has stayed committed to increasing diversity among its ranks, but the pace of progress continues to grow incrementally. Here's our annual ranking of law firms on their representation of minority attorneys at the associate and partner levels, with a detailed look at their racial and ethnic composition.

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    The Law360 400: Tracking The Largest US Law Firms

    As much of the U.S. emerges from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic that upended the world last year, law firms are taking stock of how much their business and their bench strength were affected by the unprecedented pressures of a global health crisis.

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    5 Myths Attorneys Believed When They Started Out

    Many people think being a lawyer is all about arguing in court and racking up billable hours. Here, Law360 Pulse speaks with attorneys about five popular myths they harbored when they started out — and why they like practicing anyway.

  • top story

    The 2021 Lawyer Satisfaction Survey

    Law360 Pulse wanted to see how attorneys feel about their jobs as the pandemic continues into its second year. Are they satisfied with their work? Are they stressed? The results were mixed, but one thing is clear: firms are, by and large, helping. Here’s our latest deep dive into attorneys, firms, and satisfaction in a difficult year.

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    The Legal Industry And Racial Justice, One Year After Floyd

    George Floyd's murder on Memorial Day 2020 spurred law firms and corporate law departments to commit to fighting racism and bias. One year later, Law360 Pulse looks at the impact of those pledges and whether they represent a path to longer-term change.

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