Mylan Inc v. Commissioner of Internal Reven

  1. January 12, 2023

    3rd Circ. Presses US On Mylan's $50M Tax Bill For Court Costs

    A Third Circuit panel questioned the government's position that generic-drug maker Mylan owes $50 million in taxes, asking during oral arguments Thursday why the IRS had suddenly changed its mind in claiming the company shouldn't be allowed to deduct its litigation costs.

  2. January 04, 2023

    3rd Circ. Preview: NCAA Athlete Pay Fight Tops Jan. Calendar

    Collegiate athletes' fight for pay leads the Third Circuit's argument calendar this month, along with cases tackling the tax deductibility of litigation expenses and whether the "gist of action" doctrine applies in a case against Dick's Sporting Goods. 

  3. September 20, 2022

    Mylan Flags Claims Court Ruling In $50M Tax Fight At 3rd Circ.

    A recent Court of Federal Claims decision supports Mylan Inc.'s challenge to a $50 million tax bill by bolstering its argument that it's entitled to deduct the costs of patent litigation suits, Mylan told the Third Circuit.

  4. August 09, 2022

    Mylan Gets Industry Aid In $50M Tax Fight At 3rd Circ.

    A generic-drug manufacturer trade group told the Third Circuit on Monday that taxing patent litigation costs related to the expedited approval process for generic drugs would undermine the purpose of the Hatch-Waxman Act that set up that process, driving up costs for consumers.