TBL Licensing LLC, f/k/a the Timberland Co.Subsid v. Werfel

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Appellate - 1st Circuit

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US tax court 

  1. September 08, 2023

    Timberland Can't Duck Singular $505M Tax Bill, 1st Circ. Says

    The parent of Timberland owes the IRS a lump sum of $505 million regarding the transfer of intangibles to a foreign subsidiary, the First Circuit ruled Friday, rejecting the apparel maker's contention that it could pay the taxes over time.

  2. July 26, 2023

    1st Circ. Mulls IP Transfer In Timberland's $1.45B Tax Row

    A panel of First Circuit judges signaled concern that allowing the value of intangibles acquired in a corporate reorganization by the parent company of Timberland to be taxed annually could lead to more transfers where disposition of stock doesn't trigger a lump-sum tax payment.

  3. June 09, 2023

    Timberland Parent Pans $1.4B Income Adjustment At 1st Circ.

    The IRS misinterpreted tax laws governing corporate reorganizations when it added $1.4 billion to the income of Timberland Co.'s parent, the parent company said Friday, asking the First Circuit to reverse the U.S. Tax Court's ruling upholding the assessment.

  4. May 06, 2023

    Timberland-Related Biz's Income Includes $1.4B, 1st Circ. Told

    The Internal Revenue Service correctly added $1.4 billion in taxable income to a company associated with apparel maker Timberland after the company exchanged its intangible assets for stock in a foreign entity, the U.S. told the First Circuit.

  5. February 14, 2023

    Timberland Parent Tells 1st Circ. To Rebuff $1.45B In Income

    The U.S. Tax Court incorrectly upheld the Internal Revenue Service's decision to raise the income of Timberland's parent company by more than $1.45 billion, the company told the First Circuit, arguing that the corporate reorganization it underwent shouldn't have increased taxes.

  6. October 21, 2022

    Timberland Appealing $505M Tax Court Case To 1st Circ.

    The parent of Timberland is challenging a $504.7 million tax bill in the First Circuit in a case in which the Tax Court said the company failed to recognize gains from intangible property after a merger with another apparel maker, court records show.