Certain Underwriters at LLoyd's London et al v. Covington Flooring Company, Inc.

  1. January 18, 2024

    Insurers, Flooring Co. Notch Partial Win Over Gym Fire Suit

    A high school that accused a flooring company of causing a gym fire cannot seek damages related to gym improvements, higher insurance costs and mental anguish, a Louisiana federal court ruled, stopping short of deciding whether the school retains standing to sue the company or the company's insurers to begin with.

  2. November 30, 2023

    Lloyd's, Flooring Co. Agree To End Dispute Over $2.8M Fire

    A group of insurers has agreed to dismiss claims against a flooring company accused of causing a fire at a New Orleans high school resulting in $2.8 million in property damage, the insurers told a Louisiana federal court.

  3. November 22, 2023

    La. School Says Insurers Permitted To Recover Fire Costs

    A Louisiana high school told a federal judge its insurers can pursue recovery of $2.8 million in property damages from a fire the insurers said was caused by a flooring company's failure to properly discard chemical-stained towels, disputing the company's argument that the insurers improperly filed suit.

  4. November 08, 2023

    Flooring Co. Seeks Pretrial Win In Insurers' School Fire Suit

    A flooring company accused of causing a fire at a high school resulting in $2.8 million in property damage asked a Louisiana federal judge for a pretrial win, saying the insurers that sued it aren't entitled to recoup the amount they covered because the school was only leasing the property.

  5. August 04, 2023

    School's Insurers Say Flooring Co. Caused $2.8M Fire Damage

    A flooring company caused a fire responsible for over $2.8 million in property damage to a high school by failing to properly dispose of chemical-stained towels, a group of insurers told a Louisiana federal court Friday.