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Obama's Labor Violation Order May Drive Contractors Away

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Thursday requiring federal contractors to disclose recent labor violations, putting in place new reporting obligations that attorneys say will raise compliance costs for contractors and could drive some companies to abandon government contract work altogether.

  • ACA Challengers Ask High Court To Take Up Subsidy Fight

    A group of Virginia residents on Thursday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review last week’s Fourth Circuit decision allowing federal government subsidies for insurance premiums on the federal Affordable Care Act exchange, saying only the high court can resolve a circuit split on the issue.

  • Microsoft Must Cough Up Data Stored Overseas, Judge Rules

    A New York federal judge on Thursday rejected a bid by Microsoft Corp. and other major service providers to quash a magistrate judge's ruling that the government can use search warrants to obtain user data stored outside the U.S., concluding that the Stored Communications Act was intended to reach overseas.

  • CIA Admits To Improperly Spying On Senate Computers

    The Central Intelligence Agency has learned through an internal investigation that its officers improperly searched and removed documents from a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence computer network that was being used to investigate the CIA’s detention program, the agency said Thursday.

  • Wis. High Court Upholds Limits On Collective Bargaining

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a controversial state law Thursday that gutted the collective bargaining rights of many public sector workers and drew scores of protesters to Wisconsin's Capitol, rejecting claims that key parts of the law were unconstitutional.

  • GAO Says Big Bank 'Subsidy' Could Return In A Crisis

    The biggest U.S. banks were able to fund themselves at a lower cost than their smaller rivals during the financial crisis, but while that advantage has nearly disappeared, it could return if market conditions deteriorate, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report released Thursday.