Fraga v. Premium Retail Services, Inc.

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Labor: Fair Standards

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Class Action


William G. Young


  1. January 17, 2024

    This Federal Judge Can't Stop Torching Arbitration

    A Massachusetts federal judge who grumbled about U.S. Supreme Court precedent requiring him to send a wage and hour lawsuit to arbitration gave a glimpse into how he sees the out-of-court process as undermining wronged workers' ability to pursue justice, attorneys told Law360.

  2. December 05, 2023

    Judge Decries Obligation To Send Wage Suit To Arbitration

    A Massachusetts federal judge reluctantly shipped a wage dispute to arbitration, ruling that a former retail worker was not exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act while bemoaning his obligation to strip the worker of her access to the federal court system.

  3. February 01, 2022

    Judge OKs Wage Suit While Calling Arbitration Act A 'Weapon'

    The Federal Arbitration Act is a "weapon" used by corporate America to erode civil rights, a Massachusetts federal judge said, ruling that a retail employee's wage suit can't be sent to arbitration because the employee is exempt under the law.