I.P. v. US

  1. February 03, 2023

    US Says Fed. Circ. Got Ruling Right On Shutdown Paychecks

    A Federal Circuit panel correctly ruled that federal employees couldn't recover damages for the delayed paychecks they received during a shutdown, the U.S. government said, arguing that the decision didn't create a conflict the full court needs to resolve.

  2. February 01, 2023

    Attys Urge Fed. Circ. To Review Gov't Shutdown Pay Rulings

    Several worker-side attorneys groups asked the full Federal Circuit to reconsider two decisions ruling that federal employees weren't entitled to extra back pay after receiving late paychecks during government shutdowns, saying the decisions clashed with settled law.

  3. December 01, 2022

    Fed. Circ. Says Gov't Didn't Violate FLSA During Shutdown

    The government didn't violate the Fair Labor Standards Act when it was late in paying federal employees who had to work during the 2019-2020 shutdown, a split Federal Circuit panel ruled, saying the government properly followed the Antideficiency Act.