Brooke Clark, et al v. A&L Home Care and Training Ctr, et al

  1. May 19, 2023

    6th Circ. Rejects 2-Step Collective Process In FLSA Suits

    A partly split panel for the Sixth Circuit adopted a new standard for certifying Fair Labor Standards Act collective actions, becoming the second appeals court to rebuff district courts' use of the common two-step procedure for certification.

  2. January 02, 2023

    5 Major Wage And Hour Cases To Watch In 2023

    In 2023, cases making their way through the judicial pipeline are poised to leave a mark on wage and hour law. From Fair Labor Standards Act suits covering numerous workers to the U.S. Department of Labor's power to define overtime exemptions, here are five cases to watch.

  3. December 07, 2022

    6th Circ. Mulls Rejecting 2-Step FLSA Collective Procedure​​​​​​​

    A panel of Sixth Circuit judges on Wednesday pondered whether to become the second federal appeals court to disapprove the common two-step procedure district courts use for certifying Fair Labor Standards Act collectives in suits covering multiple workers.