Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center, Inc. v. Matthew Santacroce et al

  1. November 15, 2023

    RI Says Cannabis Law Did Not Compel Labor Agreement

    Rhode Island has fired back at a dispensary's lawsuit seeking to overturn part of its cannabis law that allegedly forced the company into an unfair labor contract, saying the company tries to blame the state for its missed "opportunity to effectively negotiate" with its workers' union.

  2. November 01, 2023

    Greenleaf Claims Pot Law Led To Bargaining Leverage Loss

    A labor peace agreement provision in a Rhode Island cannabis law led Greenleaf to lose leverage at the bargaining table with a United Food and Commercial Workers local, the employer told a federal judge, urging the court to not toss its claims that federal labor law preempts the provision.

  3. September 21, 2023

    RI Says Greenleaf Can't Nix CBA Over State Cannabis Law

    Medical cannabis nonprofit Greenleaf can't ask to nullify its collective bargaining agreement with a union based on a state law mandating labor peace agreements, Rhode Island argued to a federal judge Thursday, saying federal labor law required the company to bargain for a contract.

  4. July 12, 2023

    Greenleaf Says RI Pot Law's Union Clause Sidesteps NLRA

    Medical cannabis nonprofit Greenleaf says Rhode Island's recreational legalization law pushed it into an unfair labor peace agreement in violation of the National Labor Relations Act, essentially stripping its bargaining power by requiring unionization to legally sell the drug for adult use.