Kaufman Dolowich Adds Health Care Litigator In Orlando

Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown
New York-based Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck LLP is investing further in its year-old Orlando office with the hiring of Christopher E. Brown as a liability litigation partner in its health care and managed care practice.

Brown moves over from Quintairos Prieto Wood & Boyner PA, after spending four years in its Orlando office and working as a partner. He joins the firm as the state anticipates a deluge of coronavirus-related lawsuits for the foreseeable future.

"We know that COVID-19-related lawsuits involving long-term care and assisted living facilities will be front and center for two or more years, and having Chris, who has vast experience in this type of litigation, will be a tremendous asset for our clients," Bruce S. Liebman, co-managing partner of Kaufman Dolowich's Florida offices, said in a statement.

In his litigation practice, Brown represents physicians, hospitals and long-term care facilities in Florida Department of Health investigations, fraud and abuse claims, audits, and licensing and staff issues. He also works on Medicare and Medicaid fraud and reimbursement cases. Brown earned his bachelor's degree from Coastal Carolina University and his law degree from Barry University.

The office he joins initially opened in October 2019 with the hiring of partner Abbye E. Alexander, who also co-chairs the firm's health care and managed care practice. The location has around a dozen attorneys.

"Over the years, I have worked with Abbye and other KDV attorneys and I am excited to join a firm with so many talented lawyers," Brown said. "KDV has a great culture and the national platform offers me the opportunity to expand my career in health care and managed care law."

Kaufman Dolowich isn't the only Florida firm bolstering its ranks in anticipation of coronavirus-related litigation. National law farm Epstein Becker Green this month hired health care and commercial litigation partner Robert R. Hearn in its St. Petersburg, Florida, office. With investigations into potential medical complaints wrapping up, he told Law360 to expect more COVID-19 lawsuits to arrive soon.

Florida has seen the third-most confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country with nearly 1.9 million. On Sunday, the state saw 4,113 new cases, according to its public data, and it's case positivity rate remains above 5%. The World Health Organization recommends to governments that rates of positivity remain at 5% or lower for at least 14 days before reopening.

--Editing by Alyssa Miller.

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