• Harlan Crow Atty Offers To Meet Dems Over Thomas Info

    The Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP attorney representing Texas billionaire and Republican donor Harlan Crow has offered to meet with U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee staff to discuss lawmakers' requests for detailed information on gifts, transportation and lodging provided to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

  • Circuits 'Didn't Get The Memo' On Opioid Cases, Justices Told

    A doctor who persuaded the U.S. Supreme Court to demand stronger proof of intentional misconduct in prosecutions of opioid prescribers is seeking a sequel to his triumph last year, accusing federal appeals courts of widely flouting the demand and effectively allowing regulators to invent felony offenses.

  • iStock-1336492651.jpg

    Non-Atty Parents May Represent Their Kids, 5th Circ. Says

    Parents who want to represent their children in court — even those without law degrees — may do so in some cases, according to a newly published Fifth Circuit opinion that overturns a previous district court ruling, which blocked a mother from representing her minor children when fighting against a mask mandate in the Dallas Independent School District.

  • How A Kansas Court Is Leveraging Tech To Fast-Track Cases

    Legal software company Immediation announced last week that it worked with the Johnson County District Court in Olathe, Kansas, to create a solution for speeding up the resolution of family court cases.

  • How A Real-Life 'Lincoln Lawyer' Hatched NC's Business Court

    The trunk of Judge Ben Tennille's Toyota Avalon was as good as any courtroom for the fledgling North Carolina Business Court in 1996. So was his dining room, for that matter.

  • DC Courts Not State Courts Under Habeas Law, 9th Circ. Says

    The District of Columbia's Superior Court is not considered a "state court" for purposes of appealing habeas petitions, the Ninth Circuit held in a published opinion, allowing a prisoner to appeal a denial of his habeas petition and breaking from five other circuit courts.

  • Colo. Trial Courts Can Choose To Ask Jurors About Race, Bias

    A Colorado Court of Appeals panel has determined that the state's trial courts have discretion when it comes to deciding whether or not to ask prospective jurors to disclose their race and ethnicity or to provide implicit bias instructions when requested by a party involved in a dispute.

  • Supreme_Court_Bacon_Law_94588.jpg

    Justices Undo Nebraska High Court's Takings Rulings

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday vacated a pair of Nebraska high court decisions finding homeowners behind on taxes could have their properties seized and sold off for more than they owed to local governments, after reaching a unanimous decision last week against the practice.

  • Supreme Court Campiagn Season.JPEG

    Supreme Court To Review 'Trump Too Small' TM Fight

    The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will take up the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's challenge of an appeals court ruling that allows individuals to potentially license unauthorized trademarks using the names of living figures — like former President Donald Trump.

  • Top Texas Court To Review Atty's Libel Suit Against Paper

    The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to consider if a former Polk County assistant district attorney's libel suit against a local newspaper for an article linking him to the prosecution of wrongly convicted murderer Michael Morton should be thrown out under the Lone Star State's anti-SLAPP law.

  • Trump Says NY Judge's Liberal 'Bias' Requires Recusal

    Donald Trump demanded the New York state judge overseeing his hush money conspiracy case recuse himself due to his daughter's liberal activism, his anti-Republican campaign donations, and his alleged pushing of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to flip on his boss, according to a filing unsealed Friday.

  • baltimore-courthouse.jpg

    COVID Bottleneck Continues To Delay Federal Courts

    Though new filings fell dramatically over the course of the pandemic, the length of time it took cases to resolve rose, a sign that though the public health emergency has ended, COVID’s effects are still being felt in federal courts, raising access to justice concerns for both litigants and criminal defendants.

  • 2_up_meet.png

    Meet The Texas Prosecutors In Paxton's Impeachment Trial

    To make its impeachment case against suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the state House has turned to a pair of high-powered attorneys in Houston with a history of representing notable clients, from former politicians and athletes to the accounting firm in the Enron scandal and the cult leader at the Waco standoff.

  • lady-justice.jpg

    Ex-Public Atty's Harassment Claims 'In Her Mind,' Gov't Says

    An investigation into an ex-public defender's allegations that a supervisor sexually harassed her found it happened "in her mind," the government told a North Carolina federal court in calling for a dismissal of the attorney's lawsuit.

  • iStock-851983232.jpg

    Conn. Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening Judge

    A Connecticut man accused of sending over 100 letters with hateful statements and violent threats to judges, Connecticut state representatives, journalists and more pled guilty to one count of threatening a judge, prosecutors said.

  • employment agreement.jpg

    Legal Industry Job Growth Lags Behind The Wider Economy

    Even as the wider economy saw more robust job growth in May, the legal sector continued to post scant employment increases, according to preliminary data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • 2nd Circ. OKs Union Boss's Bribe Verdict Despite Atty's Injury

    The Second Circuit let stand former United Brotherhood of Carpenters president Salvatore Tagliaferro's bribery conviction Friday, ruling that a district judge did not abuse his discretion by refusing a further trial delay when the labor boss's lead counsel was hospitalized.

  • P.-Melchionne-e1685460576270.png

    Ex-NJ Judge To Lead Family ADR Team At Hartmann Doherty

    Hartmann Doherty Rosa Berman & Bulbulia LLC strengthened its matrimonial and family department this week with the addition of a New Jersey family court judge of 15 years to lead its new family law dispute resolution team.

  • amanda-mercier.png

    New Ga. Appellate Chief Judge Talks Role As Woman Leader

    As she prepares to become the fifth woman to lead the Georgia Court of Appeals, Vice Chief Judge Amanda H. Mercier knows she has a responsibility "to keep opening doors for the next generation."

  • SEC Database Breach Was Broader Than Initially Revealed

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission revealed on Friday that its enforcement team's improper access to documents related to pending in-house proceedings was much more extensive than initially revealed, saying that the breach may have affected nearly 90 cases.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    In the world of legal business, the last week of May brought an acquisition for one law firm, the launch of a new cannabis practice group at another and a new European office for a third. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

  • Fla. Judge Rejects DQ Bid In Disney Fight, Still Steps Aside

    Northern District of Florida Chief Judge Mark E. Walker on Thursday denied Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' attempt to disqualify him from overseeing The Walt Disney Co.'s suit challenging the Sunshine State's takeover of Disney's self-governing district, although the federal judge opted to recuse himself for other reasons.

  • Trump Criminal Case Fed. Judge Won't Recuse Over Firm Ties

    The New York federal judge who will decide whether Donald Trump can move the Manhattan district attorney's hush-money prosecution from state to federal court told the parties Thursday that he won't recuse himself after reporting he once provided legal services to a company affiliated with the former president.

  • Texas House Brings In Heavy Hitters To Prosecute Paxton

    The Texas House of Representatives has hired high-profile trial attorneys Russell "Rusty" Hardin and Dick DeGuerin as prosecutors in the impeachment trial before the state Senate against suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who's facing corruption allegations.

  • NY Legal Aid Orgs. Cheer New Law Ditching Civil Notarization

    New York could soon become the latest state to eliminate the process of requiring documents to be notarized in civil matters, a move that civil legal aid organizations say will improve people's access to the state's court system.

Expert Analysis

  • Advice For Summer Associates Uneasy About Offer Prospects Author Photo

    There are a few communication tips that law students in summer associate programs should consider to put themselves in the best possible position to receive an offer, and firms can also take steps to support those to whom they are unable to make an offer, says Amy Mattock at Georgetown University Law Center.

  • How Law Firms Can Cautiously Wield AI To Streamline Tasks Author Photo

    Many attorneys are going to use artificial intelligence tools whether law firms like it or not, so firms should educate them on AI's benefits, limits and practical uses, such as drafting legal documents, to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving legal market, say Thomas Schultz and Eden Bernstein at Kellogg Hansen.

  • Keys To Managing The Stresses Of Law School Author Photo

    Dealing with the pressures associated with law school can prove difficult for many future lawyers, but there are steps students can take to manage stress — and schools can help too, say Ryan Zajic and Dr. Janani Krishnaswami at UWorld.

  • Can Mandatory CLE Mitigate Implicit Bias's Negative Impacts? Author Photo

    Amid ongoing disagreements on whether states should mandate implicit bias training as part of attorneys' continuing legal education requirements, Stephanie Wilson at Reed Smith looks at how unconscious attitudes or stereotypes adversely affect legal practice, and whether mandatory training programs can help.

  • Ditch The Frills And Start Writing Legal Letters In Plain English Author Photo

    To become more effective advocates, lawyers need to rethink the ridiculous, convoluted language they use in correspondence and write letters in a clear, concise and direct manner, says legal writing instructor Stuart Teicher.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Negotiate My Separation Agreement? Author Photo

    Kate Reder Sheikh at Major Lindsey discusses how a law firm associate can navigate being laid off, what to look for in a separation agreement and why to be upfront about it with prospective employers.

  • DoNotPay Cases Underscore Hurdles For AI-Fueled Legal Help Author Photo

    Recent legal challenges against DoNotPay’s "robot lawyer” application highlight pressing questions about the degree to which artificial intelligence can be used for legal tasks while remaining on the right side of both consumer protection laws and prohibitions against the unauthorized practice of law, says Kristen Niven at Frankfurt Kurnit.

  • For The Future Of Legal Practice, Let's Learn From The Past Author Photo

    At some level, every practicing lawyer is experiencing the ever-increasing speed of change — and while some practice management processes have gotten more efficient, other things about the legal profession were better before supposed improvements were made, says Jay Silberblatt, president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

  • Why All Law Firms Should Foster Psychological Capital Author Photo

    Law firms will be able to reap great long-term benefits if they adopt strategies to nurture four critical components of their employees' psychological wellness and performance — hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism, says Dennis Stolle at the American Psychological Association.

  • ChatGPT Is A Cool Trick, But AI Won't Replace Lawyers Author Photo

    Generative AI applications like ChatGPT are unlikely to ever replace attorneys for a variety of practical reasons — but given their practice-enhancing capabilities, lawyers who fail to leverage these tools may be rendered obsolete, says Eran Kahana at Maslon.

  • Pro Bono Work Is Valuable In IP And Continued Learning Author Photo

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's recent elimination of a rule that partially counted pro bono work toward continuing legal education highlights the importance of volunteer work in intellectual property practice and its ties to CLE, and puts a valuable tool for hands-on attorney education in the hands of the states, say Lisa Holubar and Ariel Katz at Irwin.

  • Increasing Public Access To Legal Services: A Practical Plan Author Photo

    Recommendations recently issued by a special committee of the Florida Bar represent a realistic, pragmatic approach to increasing the accessibility and affordability of legal services, at a time when the disconnect between the legal profession and the public at large has widened considerably, says Gary Lesser, president of the Florida Bar.

  • Priorities For Improving The Legal Industry In Texas Author Photo

    To assist Texas lawyers in effectively executing their duties, we should be working on succession planning, attorney wellness, and increasing understanding of the grievance system by both bar members and the public, says Laura Gibson, president of the State Bar of Texas.

  • Leading Your Law Firm's Creation Of A New Practice Group Author Photo

    Marjorie Peerce and Peter Jaslow at Ballard Spahr discuss the challenges of building a new law firm practice group from the ground up, and how sustained commitment, communication and collaboration are the key ingredients for success.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Do I Relay Shortcomings To Associates? Author Photo

    Michael Cohen at Duane Morris discusses the best ways to articulate how an associate is not meeting expectations, and why documentation of performance management is crucial for their growth and protecting the firm from discrimination suits.



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