Legal Tech

  • DocJuris Launches Privacy-Focused AI Contract Review Tool

    Legal technology company DocJuris announced on Thursday the launching of its artificial intelligence-based contract review tool, which emphasizes customization and privacy to position itself away from competitors, according to the company.

  • Richard Punt.png

    Former Deloitte Executive Rejoins As Global Head Of Legal

    Richard Punt, who left his post as Deloitte LLP's managing partner of clients and markets nine years ago, has rejoined the organization as the new global leader for Deloitte Legal.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    In the world of legal business, the last week of May brought an acquisition for one law firm, the launch of a new cannabis practice group at another and a new European office for a third. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

  • Smith Gambrell Data Breach Suit Withdrawn In Georgia

    A woman has dropped her proposed class action against Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP over a 2021 data breach, according to a notice entered Wednesday.

  • Grant Thornton To Implement Icertis' Contract Tech Internally

    Accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP said Wednesday that it is expanding its four-year-old partnership with legal technology company Icertis by integrating its contract intelligence platform across its procurement, legal and finance teams.

  • Jennifer Contegiacomo_QuisLex.png

    QuisLex Adds McDermott Counsel As VP Of Legal Solutions

    Alternative legal services provider QuisLex said it has hired a veteran BigLaw attorney to help enhance client services and manage the company's litigation and corporate services teams.

  • Leigh Day Appoints First Non-Legal Partners

    Leigh Day said on Thursday that it has appointed its first four non-legal partners after winning clearance to operate under the U.K.'s alternative business structure rules for law firms.

  • Mishcon De Reya Adds 3 Startups To Tech Program

    Mishcon de Reya LLP said Thursday that one of its consultancy businesses has added three early stage technology companies to a flagship program for startups that helps them develop products for the legal industry.

  • 3_up_Women in eDiscovery.png

    Legal Tech Women's Group Expanding With 3 New Leaders

    A nonprofit organization that brings women around the world together who are interested in technology related to the legal profession has created three new volunteer positions to expand its leadership team, Women in eDiscovery announced Tuesday.

  • iStock-1491185503.jpg

    Texas Judge's AI Order Not Unreasonable, And Not The Last

    A Texas federal judge is being reasonable in requiring attorneys appearing before him to certify that they did not use generative artificial intelligence to write their briefs, or that they checked those filings if they did, judges and experts told Law360 Pulse on Wednesday.

  • iStock-1397353548.jpg

    Legal Tech Co. Casepoint Investigating Potential Data Leak

    Legal technology company Casepoint has engaged an external forensic firm to help investigate a potential data leak, the company confirmed to Law360 Pulse on Wednesday.

  • Law360's 2023 Legal Tech Editorial Advisory Board

    Law360 is pleased to announce the formation of its 2023 Legal Tech Editorial Advisory Board.

  • cipriano photo.jpg

    Stress Is No Badge Of Honor When It Comes To Atty Wellness

    Former practicing attorney, psychologist and Yale School of Medicine assistant clinical professor Traci Cipriano knows every attorney has unique struggles when it comes to work-life balance, stress, bills, family life — the list goes on — and her new book is designed to help lawyers find ways to grow from these challenges and thrive.

  • Ex-Law Firm Client Asks Judge To Nix Bid To Toss Data Suit

    A former client of a small Massachusetts law firm has fired back at the firm's attempt to dismiss her proposed class action filed after a data breach, arguing that the firm was negligent and she did suffer an actual injury.

  • iStock-686023930.jpg

    Atty Citing 'Bogus' Cases From ChatGPT Is 'Unprecedented'

    A New York personal injury firm and two of its lawyers are facing potential sanctions after they submitted a brief in federal court containing nonexistent cases and opinions produced by the generative text engine ChatGPT.

  • Proskauer, Ex-COO Look To Settle Trade Secret Dispute

    Proskauer Rose LLP and its former Chief Operating Officer Jonathan O'Brien are exploring a potential settlement to their trade secrets fight, according to a Tuesday filing.

  • iStock-690423458.jpg

    AI Will Challenge Courts But Existing Rules Offer Road Map

    While advanced generative artificial intelligence will force changes to how judges manage cases and evidence, federal rules already on the books offer a workable path forward as jurists navigate those challenges, according to a new academic paper.

  • Legal Software Co. To Offer Data-Based Litigation Services

    The Chicago-based legal software company Nextpoint announced Tuesday its expansion into legal services with the formation of a firm offering specialized, data-based litigation services for firms and corporate legal departments.

  • iStock-1331571511.jpg

    Courthouse News Service Sues NC Courts For Filing Delays

    National media company Courthouse News Service sued the director of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts and three county court clerks in federal court on Thursday, saying a new e-filing system is creating dayslong delays in obtaining access to new civil rights complaints, in violation of the First Amendment.

  • Travers Smith Launches ChatGPT Tool For Law Firms

    Travers Smith announced this week it has released a free tool that makes it easier for law firms and other organizations to turn the programming structure of Microsoft and OpenAI's generative artificial intelligence into a more secure chatbot.

  • Legal Tech Roundup: TeamSystem Gets Silver Lake Funding

    One of the largest capital raises of the year for a legal technology company occurred in the past week.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    This busy week of legal news started off with a bang as Magic Circle powerhouse Allen & Overy LLP announced plans to merge with New York-based Shearman & Sterling LLP. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

  • Simplex Legal Reveals Advisory Service For In-House Counsel

    Canada-based alternative legal services provider Simplex Services Inc. has launched a new advisory service designed to help corporate law departments operating in the country.

  • Burges Salmon Releases Pensions Tool For International Companies

    U.K. law firm Burges Salmon announced Wednesday the release of a free-to-use interactive guide for understanding U.K. pensions for international companies, joining other triage tools released by the firm's pensions practice.

  • D23_345_257.jpg

    As Gen Z Emerges, Law Grads Urged To Do The Unexpected

    With advice stemming from the reality show "Survivor" and encouragement to help others fulfill the American Dream, five high-profile law school commencement speakers, including Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Apple general counsel Kate Adams, urged graduates to avoid the obvious path and strive to make structural change.

Expert Analysis

  • Advice For Summer Associates Uneasy About Offer Prospects Author Photo

    There are a few communication tips that law students in summer associate programs should consider to put themselves in the best possible position to receive an offer, and firms can also take steps to support those to whom they are unable to make an offer, says Amy Mattock at Georgetown University Law Center.

  • How Students Prepping For The Bar Exam Can Leverage AI Author Photo

    Tools like ChatGPT can help students studying for the bar exam achieve their two main goals — mastering law concepts and topics, and then successfully applying them to the various question formats on the test — but there are still limitations to this technology, including incorrect answers, says Joseph Wilson at Studicata.

  • How Law Firms Can Cautiously Wield AI To Streamline Tasks Author Photo

    Many attorneys are going to use artificial intelligence tools whether law firms like it or not, so firms should educate them on AI's benefits, limits and practical uses, such as drafting legal documents, to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving legal market, say Thomas Schultz and Eden Bernstein at Kellogg Hansen.

  • Opinion

    Attorneys Should Have An Ethical Duty To Advance DEI Author Photo

    National and state bar associations are encouraging attorneys to apply diversity, equity and inclusion practices in the legal profession and beyond, and these associations should take it one step further by formally recognizing ethical duties for attorneys to promote DEI, which could better the legal profession and society, says Elena Mitchell at Moore & Van Allen.

  • 10 Steps To Improve Legal Vendor Management Author Photo

    Corporate counsel often turn to third-party vendors to manage spending challenges, and navigating this selection process can be difficult for both counsel and the vendor, but there are several ways corporate legal departments can make the entire process easier and beneficial for all parties involved, says David Cochran at QuisLex.

  • DoNotPay Cases Underscore Hurdles For AI-Fueled Legal Help Author Photo

    Recent legal challenges against DoNotPay’s "robot lawyer” application highlight pressing questions about the degree to which artificial intelligence can be used for legal tasks while remaining on the right side of both consumer protection laws and prohibitions against the unauthorized practice of law, says Kristen Niven at Frankfurt Kurnit.

  • Strategies To Improve Reporting In The Legal Industry Author Photo

    The growing demand for analytical data within law firms and corporate law departments — from live case status updates to diversity reports — highlights the need for improvements in legal profession reporting, with increasingly granular industry-standard codes to describe legal tasks being key, says Kenneth Jones at Xerdict.

  • Accessible Legal Tech Begins With Empathy In Design Author Photo

    Legal technology has the potential to eliminate barriers for disabled attorneys navigating their careers and for disabled clients seeking access to justice, but to truly level the playing field, accessible technology must be designed with input from and empathy for the often-underrepresented communities it serves, say Lisa Mueller at Casimir Jones and attorney Haley Moss.

  • 6 Tips For Document Review Projects Using Alt Legal Services Author Photo

    Despite strides made in the e-discovery industry, document reviews continue to be one of the most expensive line items for litigation, so law firms working with alternative legal service providers should consider key best practices, including providing clear protocol, having transparent deadlines, and more, says Phoebe Gebre at Integreon.

  • ChatGPT Is A Cool Trick, But AI Won't Replace Lawyers Author Photo

    Generative AI applications like ChatGPT are unlikely to ever replace attorneys for a variety of practical reasons — but given their practice-enhancing capabilities, lawyers who fail to leverage these tools may be rendered obsolete, says Eran Kahana at Maslon.

  • Pro Bono Work Is Valuable In IP And Continued Learning Author Photo

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's recent elimination of a rule that partially counted pro bono work toward continuing legal education highlights the importance of volunteer work in intellectual property practice and its ties to CLE, and puts a valuable tool for hands-on attorney education in the hands of the states, say Lisa Holubar and Ariel Katz at Irwin.

  • 10 Principles For Effective Partner Reward Systems Author Photo

    Several forces are reshaping partners’ expectations about profit-sharing, and as compensation structures evolve in response, firms should keep certain fundamentals in mind to build a successful partner reward system, say Michael Roch at MHPR Advisors and Ray D'Cruz at Performance Leader.

  • How Law Firm Leaders Can Optimize Their Tech Investments Author Photo

    As law firms turn to legal technology to help expedite case processing and other workflows, leaders must focus on creating a lean set of business tools and keep one eye on the future to plan their technology road map, says Simon Whitburn at Exterro.

  • Law Firm Threat Awareness Is Key To Cyberattack Prevention Author Photo

    Taking the time to learn which cybersecurity attacks could pose the most likely threat to your law firm is the first step to keeping sensitive data safe, protecting valuable client relationships and potentially saving millions of dollars in losses, says Daniel Klein at Cynet.

  • What Web3 Means For Lawyers' Ethical Duties Author Photo

    As law firms embrace Web3 technologies by accepting cryptocurrency as payment for legal fees, investing in metaverse departments and more, lawyers should remember their ethical duties to warn clients of the benefits and risks of technology in a murky regulatory environment, says Heidi Frostestad Kuehl at Northern Illinois University College of Law.



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