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Mozilla CLO Shares His View Of Tech As A 'Force For Good'

By Michele Gorman

Carlos Torres has a "glass-half-full" perspective, especially when thinking about technology. Where some lawyers might approach innovation with skepticism, Mozilla's top lawyer views such advances in a positive light. Here, he shares more about what he wishes his legal peers realized about technology and why he thinks new tools like ChatGPT could be beneficial.

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    Modern Lawyer

    Nixon Peabody Promotes 8 Attorneys To Partner

    Nixon Peabody LLP has promoted a class of eight attorneys to partner, effective Wednesday.

  • Georgia Pulse

    Legal Software Co. Aderant Adds Two C-Suite Execs

    Law firm management software provider Aderant has hired two C-suite executives and promoted a senior director of global marketing in the wake of two business acquisitions last year, the company said Thursday.

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    Daily Litigation

    NY Atty Denies Ties To Ga. In Row Over Ex-Fugee's Music

    An entertainment lawyer and his firm urged a Georgia federal judge to let them off the hook in a suit alleging they helped engineer the fraudulent purchase of ex-Fugees rapper Prakazrel Samuel "Pras" Michel's music catalogs, arguing that the "scorched earth action" puts forth "baseless and unsupportable allegations."

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    Modern Lawyer

    Ex-O'Melveny Attorney Drops Wrongful Firing Suit

    A former attorney with O'Melveny & Myers LLP has resolved his suit accusing the firm of denying him work opportunities because of his race, gender and sexual orientation and wrongfully firing him for billing too many pro bono hours, according to a California state court filing.

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    Daily Litigation

    Armstrong Teasdale Opens In Calif. With Lewis Brisbois Atty

    Armstrong Teasdale LLP is heading west, announcing Wednesday that it will launch its first California office with the help of a former Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP employment attorney who is joining as a partner in the new location.

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    $10M Calif. Funds Earmarked To Fix Court Reporter Shortage

    The nation's largest trial court will earmark nearly $10 million in California state funds to offer unprecedented incentives to recruit and keep official court reporters amid a critical staffing shortage.

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    Modern Lawyer

    Clark Hill Combines With Philly-Based Conrad O'Brien

    Clark Hill PLC has continued its expansion in Philadelphia by joining forces with commercial litigation boutique Conrad O'Brien, adding 18 attorneys and doubling its overall headcount in the city since January, the international firm said Wednesday.

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    Modern Lawyer

    Massachusetts Lawyers Burned Out On Legal Profession

    Nearly half of Massachusetts lawyers are considering leaving their employer or the legal profession entirely, and many areĀ also not seeking help for depression, anxiety and hazardous alcohol use, a study released Wednesday found.

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    Bayer Taps Daimler Truck, Mercedes-Benz Atty To Lead Legal

    Bayer AG said Wednesday that a lawyer who has most recently been chief legal and compliance officer at commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck AG will join the German drug and chemical maker this summer as its top lawyer.

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    Ex-US Prosecutor Joins Post & Schell As White Collar Chair

    A former assistant U.S. attorney has left the public sector after nearly 30 years to join Post & Schell PC's office in Philadelphia as the new chair of the firm's white collar defense practice.

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