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  • The 2022 Law Firm Culture Survey

    Law360 Pulse partnered with Major Lindsey & Africa to survey attorneys on what the idea of law firm culture means to them, what aspects of it they think their firms are good at and struggle with. Here, we take a look at our results.

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    Fiscal Health, Client Service Keys To A Strong Firm Culture

    Firms looking to attract and retain the best legal talent should focus on financial management, high performance expectations, client service and civic-mindedness, according to the results of a new survey conducted by Law360 and Major Lindsey & Africa.

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    Why Better Law Firm Culture Must Come From The Top

    As firm leaders continue to navigate the evolving work environment, lawyers most want to see improvements that come from the top — in transparency, training and mentorship, and diversity, a recent survey found.

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    Del. Bar Association's New President Looks At Year Ahead

    The Delaware State Bar Association's newly installed president told Law360 Pulse on Tuesday that he hopes the year ahead is one in which attorneys can interact and network in person more frequently.

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    Fox Corp. Must Face Dominion Defamation Suit In Delaware

    Fox Corp. must face claims that Fox News Network published defamatory statements about Dominion Voting Systems Inc. during its coverage of the 2020 presidential election, a Delaware judge ruled Tuesday.

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    It's Time For Mid-Law To Take Charge Of Managing Info

    As changes in technology and attorney work habits create new challenges for the management of documents and information, many Mid-Law firms should be thinking more proactively about information governance, including how they can overcome the difference in resources compared to BigLaw, experts say.

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    The Law360 400: Tracking The Largest US Law Firms

    As the legal market adjusted to pressures of a global pandemic and saw demand for complex legal services soar, many law firms spent 2021 locked in a fierce war for talent to meet ever-expanding client needs.

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    Will BigLaw Regret Its Hiring Spree As The Economy Softens?

    The largest 200 law firms in the U.S. boosted their headcount by an average of 5.6% in 2021 — the steepest increase in five years, according to the Law360 400. Here's a look at what those numbers mean and where firms may be headed if the economy slows in the coming year.

  • TransPerfect Seeks $3.2M Fee Award Reargument

    TransPerfect Global urged the Delaware Supreme Court to reargue the recent $3.2 million Chancery Court fee award ruling that affirmed a contempt finding against the company.

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    Law Firm Mergers Hold Steady Despite Recession Talk

    U.S. law firms have continued to merge at a steady pace this month. However, with a recession looming, legal experts are anticipating firm leaders to be more cautious going forward, but they don't necessarily see the merger talks slowing down anytime soon.

  • Law360 Pulse's Spotlight On Mid-Law Work

    Kasowitz Benson representing the Chapter 7 trustee of a ticket broker suing Citibank over a Ponzi scheme and Robbins Geller's representation of a GoDaddy shareholder suing the company over an $850 million tax pact buyout lead this edition of Law360 Pulse's Spotlight On Mid-Law Work, recapping the top matters for Mid-Law firms from June 3 to 20.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    This week in legal industry news, Holland & Knight acquired a real estate boutique and former New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara headed back to private practice at a BigLaw firm. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse’s weekly quiz.

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    How McCarter & English Won Award In Del. Construction Suit

    McCarter & English LLP attorneys representing homeowners that were awarded $12.9 million in damages by a jury last month in a shoddy construction suit in Delaware Superior Court said the jury's quick decision was not surprising given the evidence presented at trial.

  • security_.jpg

    Judges Call For Greater Security Amid Attacks, Threats

    A panel of judges Thursday said there's a growing need to protect judicial officers and their families amid threats and deadly attacks, with one Louisiana federal judge warning that American democracy may deteriorate if judges are afraid to implement the rule of law.

  • 3rd Circ. Chief Judge Says Arguments Will Remain In-Person

    The chief judge for the Third Circuit has vowed to continue with live and in-person oral arguments at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia following the long stretch of remote arguments the court held as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    BigLaw's 2022 Associate Raises 'Like Playing Chicken'

    In every previous year that Cravath, Milbank or Davis Polk announced associate raises, the rest of BigLaw fell in line within weeks. This year has been a different story, with a slow trickle of matches drawn out over nearly five months.

  • legal tech.jpg

    7 Legal Tech Companies To Watch In 2022

    When asked to identify the most important legal technology companies, 10 experts provided Law360 Pulse with more than 30 names and seven top picks emerged.

  • Zuora Says Ex-VP Can't Have Co.'s Secrets And His Fees Too

    A departing executive's final two weeks at Zuora Inc. became the focus of his advancement suit in the Delaware Chancery Court on Wednesday, with the cloud-subscription company arguing it had told him not to work and that he had used that time to steal confidential data, putting him on the hook for his own legal fees.

  • 7_up_meet.png

    Meet The Attys For Texas Power Plant Owner In Del. Ch. 11

    The operator of a Texas power generating plant received approval this month in Delaware bankruptcy court to access the cash of its secured lenders to keep operations going and preserve the value of its assets as it moves ahead with plans for a Chapter 11 sale.

  • More Than 60 Cos. Say Reversing Roe Is 'Against Our Values'

    Lyft Inc., Levi Strauss & Co. and Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc. are among the dozens of companies that have signed a statement saying abortion restrictions "go against" their values and "are bad for business," as the fate of the constitutional right to abortion established nearly 50 years ago remains in question.

  • 3rd Circ. Says Inmates Have Right To Access Legal Materials

    Prisoners may bring claims alleging they were denied access to legal materials while they were pursuing civil rights cases from behind bars, the Third Circuit said Wednesday in a precedential opinion setting forth that right to access the courts.

  • data_breach.jpg

    Amid BigLaw Data Attacks, Breaches Surge For Smaller Firms

    A Law360 Pulse analysis finds that law firms' data breach reports nearly doubled in 2021 compared with 2020, and have continued to rise this year. While BigLaw firms have been high-profile targets, small and midsize law firms are more likely to fall prey to cybercriminals.

  • cybersecurity.jpg

    Law Firms' Biggest Cybersecurity Liability: Senior Partners

    Senior partners often represent law firms' biggest and highest-profile clients and have access to their sensitive intel, such as trade secrets and financial information, making them prime targets for data breaches, according to cybersecurity experts.

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    GC Spending Moves More In-House, Mostly At Smaller Cos.

    A new survey shows that general counsel, especially at smaller companies, are spending more of their legal budget in-house and less on outside counsel, with increases mostly in the areas of due diligence and labor and employment.

  • Firms Get $14.7M For Advance Auto Parts Suit Deal In Del.

    Counsel representing a shareholder class in a Delaware federal court suit alleging Advance Auto Parts Inc. inflated sales projections to hide its poor financial condition were awarded roughly $14.7 million in attorney fees and expenses as part of a $49.25 million settlement approved Monday.

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Expert Analysis

  • 7 Ways Attys Can Improve Their LinkedIn Summaries Author Photo

    Lawyers can use LinkedIn to strengthen their thought leadership position, generate new business, explore career opportunities, and better position themselves and their firms in search results by writing a well-composed, optimized summary that demonstrates their knowledge and experience, says Guy Alvarez at Good2bSocial.

  • How Law Firms And Attys Can Combat Imposter Syndrome Author Photo

    Imposter syndrome is rampant in the legal profession, especially among lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds, leading to missed opportunities and mental health issues — but firms can provide support in numerous ways, and attorneys can use therapeutic strategies to quiet their inner critic, says Helen Pamely at Rosling King.

  • The Law Firm Qualities Partners Seek In Lateral Moves Author Photo

    In 2022, partners considering lateral moves have new priorities, and firms that hope to recruit top talent will need to communicate their strategy for growth, engage on hot issues like origination credit and diversity initiatives, and tailor their integration plans toward expanding partners’ client base, says Gloria Sandrino at Lateral Link.

  • Small Steps Can Help Employers Beat Attorney Burnout Author Photo

    Lawyers are experiencing burnout on a massive, unprecedented scale due to the pandemic, but law firms and institutional players can and should make a difference by focusing on small, practical solutions that protect their attorneys’ most precious personal resource and professional commodity — time, says Chad Sarchio, president of the District of Columbia Bar.

  • The Evolving Role Of The Law Firm Legal Secretary Author Photo

    Technological shifts during the pandemic and beyond should force firms to rethink how legal secretaries can not only better support timekeepers but also participate in elevating client service, bifurcating the role into an administrative support position and a more elevated practice support role, says Lauren Chung at HBR Consulting.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Ace My Upcoming Annual Review? Author Photo

    Jennifer Rakstad at White & Case highlights how associates can emphasize achievements and seek support before, during and after their annual review, despite the pandemic’s negative effects on face time with colleagues and business development opportunities.

  • How Your Law Firm's Brand Can Convey Prestige Author Photo

    In order to be perceived as prestigious by clients and potential recruits, law firms should take their branding efforts beyond designing visual identities and address six key imperatives to differentiate themselves — from identifying intangible core strengths to delivering on promises at every interaction, says Howard Breindel at DeSantis Breindel.

  • How Dynamic Project Management Can Help Law Firms Author Photo

    Law firms looking to streamline matter management should consider tools that offer both employees and clients real-time access to documents, action items, task assignee information and more, overcoming many of the limitations of project communications via email, says Stephen Weyer at Stites & Harbison.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Successfully Switch Practices? Author Photo

    Associates who pivot into new practice areas may find that along with the excitement of a fresh start comes some apprehension, but certain proactive steps can help tame anxiety and ensure attorneys successfully adapt to unfamiliar subjects, novel internal processes and different client deliverables, say Susan Berson and Hassan Shaikh at Mintz.

  • A Road Map For Creating Law Firm Sustainability Programs Author Photo

    Amid demands from clients and prospective hires for greater sustainability efforts, law firms should think beyond reusable mugs and create programs that incorporate clear leadership structures, emission tracking and reduction goals, and frameworks for reporting results, says Gayatri Joshi at the Law Firm Sustainability Network.

  • Why Firms Should Help Associates Do More Pro Bono Work Author Photo

    Associates may hesitate to take on the added commitment of pro bono matters, but such work has tangible skill-building benefits, so firms should consider compensation and leadership strategies to encourage participation, says Rasmeet Chahil at Lowenstein Sandler.

  • Confronting The Stigma Of Alcohol Abuse In Legal Industry Author Photo

    The pandemic has likely exacerbated the prevalence of problem drinking in the legal profession, making it critical for lawyers and educators to address alcohol abuse and the associated stigma through issue-specific education, supportive assistance and alcohol-free professional events, says Erica Grigg at the Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program.

  • Opinion

    Lawyers Have Duty To Push For Immigration Court Reform Author Photo

    Attorneys must use their collective voice to urge federal lawmakers to create an Article I immigration court outside executive branch control, helping address the conflicts of interest, political influence and lack of adjudication consistency that prevent migrants from achieving true justice, say Elia Diaz-Yaeger and Carlos Bollar at the Hispanic National Bar Association.

  • ​​​​​​​Ask A Mentor: How Can 1st-Year Attys Manage Remote Work? Author Photo

    First-year associates can have a hard time building relationships with colleagues, setting boundaries and prioritizing work-life balance in a remote work environment, so they must be sure to lean on their firms' support systems and practice good time management, say Jenny Lee and Christopher Fernandez at Kirkland.

  • 5 Ways To Lead Lawyer Teams Toward Better Mental Health Author Photo

    Attorney team leaders have a duty to attend to the mental well-being of their subordinates with intention, thought and candor — starting with ensuring their own mental health is in order, says Liam Montgomery at Williams & Connolly.



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