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  • Two More Law Firms Shell Out For Special Bonuses

    Taylor Wessing LLP and Selendy & Gay PLLC on Monday announced special bonuses rewarding employees for work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Duffy_Brian.jpg

    How Greenberg Traurig Added 37 Laterals In 19 Weeks

    Greenberg Traurig LLP has added 37 lateral shareholders since the beginning of 2021. CEO Brian Duffy talked to Law360 Pulse about the role in firm's appeal of a management style light on "micromanaging."

  • return-to-work.jpg

    Attorneys Want To Go Back To The Office, But Not Like Before

    Though rising vaccination rates have prompted many firms to chart return-to-office plans, most attorneys are not ready to dive back into pre-pandemic norms, a new survey has found.

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    As Firms Reopen, A Generation Gap Around Offices Emerges

    Millennials and associates are less enthusiastic about returning to full-time office work than their more senior counterparts, according to a new survey from Major Lindsey & Africa and Law360 Pulse. What does that mean as offices reopen, and what could it portend about the future of the profession?

  • Ga. Attys Say Lin Wood's Trash Talk Led To Death Threats

    Former colleagues of embattled pro-Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood have asked a Georgia state court to hold him in contempt of an injunctive order for making disparaging comments against them, which they say led to death threats from his supporters.

  • Womble Bond Gives Associates A Raise, Doubles Bonuses

    Womble Bond Dickinson LLP will give raises to its U.S. associates and hike productivity bonuses, the firm confirmed Friday, adding to a trickle of BigLaw firms stepping up compensation as the lateral market for associates heats up.

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    Infrastructure Bill Is A Big Opportunity For Mid-Law Firms

    As Congress continues to debate the infrastructure package championed by the Biden administration, experts say the bill opens up potential long-term opportunities for Mid-Law, especially regional law firms, if firms position themselves to take advantage of it.

  • Ga. Ethics Agency Says Ex-Atlanta DA Owes $6.5K Penalty

    A former longtime district attorney in Atlanta owes a $6,500 civil penalty plus interest to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, according to a petition the agency filed in state court.

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    King & Spalding Partner Joins Atlanta Litigation Boutique

    Longtime King & Spalding LLP attorney Jon Chally recently joined a litigation boutique in Atlanta launched by two former Rogers & Hardin LLP attorneys a year ago.

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    Legal Malpractice Payouts Soar, With Virus Claims Looming

    Legal malpractice claim payouts were the highest on record from 2019 through the middle of 2020, with the figures expected to remain high after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by insurance broker Ames & Gough.

  • Biden's Diverse Judicial Picks Contrast Sharply With Trump's

    In a dramatic shift from the Trump administration, President Joe Biden has made an unprecedented push for demographic and professional diversity in his first 20 judicial nominees, with all of them women or people of color and with former public defenders outnumbering BigLaw partners and ex-prosecutors.

  • evansrandolph.jpg

    Squire Patton Partner Joins Trump Team In Ga. Atty Fee Fight

    A well-known litigator from Squire Patton Boggs LLP who was also recently an ambassador has joined the legal team defending former President Donald Trump in a fight over attorney fees stemming from a lawsuit involving the presidential election in Georgia, he confirmed Thursday.

  • iStock-1211495739.jpg

    Legal Financiers Offer Boost To Nonlawyer-Owned Firm Trend

    With the backing of commercial legal financiers, some law firms are testing the waters of new business structures and alternative billing arrangements to get new clients and increase revenue.

  • Holland & Knight Ushers In Uniform US Associate Pay

    Holland & Knight is the latest law firm to announce pay raises for associates in smaller regional markets, ushering in a single pay scale throughout the U.S., with an internal memo saying the firm wants to "recognize that associates, regardless of office location, support clients across the firm."

  • lawyers-contract.jpg

    'Alarming' Confusion Found In GCs' Contract Management

    Some 92% of organizations in a new survey said they were trying to change how they handle contracts, while a whopping 98% said they are facing pervasive contracting challenges ranging from high costs and unclear governance to unrealized potential of technology.

  • cto.jpg

    You Don't Need A JD Anymore To Get Paid Like A Partner

    Compensation, authority and responsibility for large law firm administrative leaders are all on the rise, bringing the group of mostly nonlawyer professionals to levels of pay that in some cases equal or even exceed those of partners.

  • iStock-1223005887.jpg

    Where Law Firms Should Start When Wrestling With Data

    Law firms tackling the intimidating task of improving their data management should start small, keep business goals in mind and ensure that data is accessible, three legal executives said during a panel discussion Tuesday.

  • iStock-1025240764.jpg

    Mass, Neb. High Courts Led U.S. States in Decision Unanimity

    The top state courts of Massachusetts and Nebraska led the nation last year in reaching judicial consensus in their decisions, according to a report presented Wednesday by political research nonprofit Ballotpedia.

  • What Legal Teams Need To Know About Collaboration Tools

    As messaging collaboration platforms like Slack, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams continue to make deep inroads into workers' everyday communication across industries, legal teams must learn to quickly adapt their e-discovery methods and governance policies to keep up with the troves of novel unstructured data, according to a panel of discovery and governance executives.

  • woman-drinking.jpg

    'Stress, Drink, Leave': Women In Law Are At Higher Risk

    Female lawyers are more depressed, anxious, stressed and likely to drink heavily than male lawyers; they are also more likely to contemplate leaving the legal profession, according to the results of a survey of nearly 3,000 U.S. lawyers released Wednesday.

  • Ga. Judge Declines To Recuse Himself From Trump Ally Suit

    A Georgia federal judge rejected attorney L. Lin Wood's request that he recuse himself from Woods' suit against Georgia officials over their request for him to undergo a mental evaluation, ruling Monday that he isn't biased after presiding over other suits Wood filed last year.

  • Nokia Assessing Its Outside Counsel With Diversity Scorecard

    Finland-based telecommunications company Nokia announced a new initiative Tuesday to ensure its key outside law firms make progress toward building and maintaining diversity in their workforces.

  • data-center.jpg

    Law Firms Reinstating Postponed On-Site Tech Projects

    As law firms evaluate office plans, an Affinity Consulting Group partner says on-site technology training projects are making a comeback.

  • iStock-1217032490.jpg

    1 In 4 Attys Report Facing Blowback For Parental Leave

    Nearly one-quarter of attorneys have been subjected to negative consequences for taking parental leave from their firms, according to a survey on parental leave in the legal industry by Major Lindsey & Africa released Tuesday.

  • 96aedd3aa5e4da11af9f0014c2589dfb_ECUADOR_TEXACO_TRIAL_JYA105_2000x1340.jpg

    Donziger Saga Reaches Fever Pitch As Trial Kicks Off

    Steven Donziger stared up at the wooden dais where U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska sat. He was getting worried. It had only been a few days since the attorney had gotten the news that he'd been held in criminal contempt for refusing to turn over his cellphone, laptop and other materials to Chevron Corp. in a racketeering case that found that he'd resorted to fraud to secure a massive $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador.

Expert Analysis

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can Recalcitrant Attys Use Social Media? Author Photo

    Social media can be intimidating for reluctant lawyers but it can also be richly rewarding, as long as attorneys remember that professional accounts will always reflect on their firms and colleagues, and follow some best practices to avoid embarrassment, says Sean Marotta at Hogan Lovells.

  • Keys To Digitizing Inefficient Contract Management Processes Author Photo

    Neville Eisenberg and Mark Grayson at BCLP explain how they sped up contract execution for one client by replacing email with a centralized, digital tool for negotiations and review, and how the principles they adhered to can be helpful for other law firms looking to improve poorly managed contract management processes.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can Firms Coach Associates Remotely? Author Photo

    Practicing law through virtual platforms will likely persist even after the pandemic, so law firms and senior lawyers should consider refurbishing their associate mentoring programs to facilitate personal connections, professionalism and effective training in a remote environment, says Carol Goodman at Herrick Feinstein.

  • How Law Firms Can Welcome And Celebrate Autistic Lawyers Author Photo

    As the U.S. observes Autism Acceptance Month, autistic attorney Haley Moss describes the societal barriers and stereotypes that keep neurodivergent lawyers from disclosing their disabilities, and how law firms can better accommodate and level the playing field for attorneys whose minds work outside of the prescribed norm.

  • Law Firm Tips For Evaluating AI And Machine Learning Tools Author Photo

    Many legal technology vendors now sell artificial intelligence and machine learning tools at a premium price tag, but law firms must take the time to properly evaluate them as not all offerings generate process efficiencies or even use the technologies advertised, says Steven Magnuson at Ballard Spahr.

  • A Call For Personal Accountability On Diversity And Inclusion Author Photo

    While chief legal officers are increasingly involved in creating corporate diversity, inclusion and anti-bigotry policies, all lawyers have a responsibility to be discrimination busters and bias interrupters regardless of the title they hold, says Veta T. Richardson at the Association of Corporate Counsel.

  • Learning How To Code Can Unleash New Potential In Lawyers Author Photo

    Every lawyer can begin incorporating aspects of software development in their day-to-day practice with little to no changes in their existing tools or workflow, and legal organizations that take steps to encourage this exploration of programming can transform into tech incubators, says George Zalepa at Greenberg Traurig.

  • Supporting Associates Amid Pandemic's Mental Health Toll Author Photo

    As junior associates increasingly report burnout, work-life conflict and loneliness during the pandemic, law firms should take tangible actions to reduce the stigma around seeking help, and to model desired well-being behaviors from the top down, say Stacey Whiteley at the New York State Bar Association and Robin Belleau at Kirkland.

  • The Importance Of Client Engagement In Law Firm Innovation Author Photo

    As clients increasingly want law firms to serve as innovation platforms, firms must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach — the key is a nimble innovation function focused on listening and knowledge sharing, says Mark Brennan at Hogan Lovells.

  • The Unique Challenges Facing Women-Owned Law Firms Author Photo

    In addition to establishing their brand from scratch, women who start their own law firms must overcome inherent bias against female lawyers and convince prospective clients to put aside big-firm preferences, says Joel Stern at the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms.

  • The Pursuit Of Wellness In BigLaw: Lessons From My Journey Author Photo

    Jane Jeong at Cooley shares how grueling BigLaw schedules and her own perfectionism emotionally bankrupted her, and why attorneys struggling with burnout should consider making small changes to everyday habits.

  • Why We Must Recruit And Advance More Black Prosecutors Author Photo

    Black Americans make up a disproportionate percentage of the incarcerated population but are underrepresented among elected prosecutors, so the legal community — from law schools to prosecutor offices — must commit to addressing these disappointing demographics, says Erika Gilliam-Booker at the National Black Prosecutors Association.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can Associates Deal With Overload? Author Photo

    Young lawyers overwhelmed with a crushing workload must tackle the problem on two fronts — learning how to say no, and understanding how to break down projects into manageable parts, says Jay Harrington at Harrington Communications.

  • A Scientific Path For Improving Diversity At Law Firms Author Photo

    Law firms could combine industrial organizational psychology and machine learning to study prospective hires' analytical thinking, stress response and similar attributes — which could lead to recruiting from a more diverse candidate pool, say Ali Shahidi and Bess Sully at Sheppard Mullin.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can Associates Seek More Assignments? Author Photo

    In the first installment of Law360 Pulse's career advice guest column, Meela Gill at Weil offers insights on how associates can ask for meaningful work opportunities at their firms without sounding like they are begging. 


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