Lawyers in BigLaw and beyond have found that being transgender won’t stop them from being successful, but that doesn’t mean the profession is always a haven.
414 For Judges, Trump’s Potshots Open A New Act In An Old Show

By Sindhu Sundar

The judiciary has long weathered criticism from public officials, but former judges say the president’s recent statements break new ground in attacking court credibility.

414 Will A Court Bottleneck Halt Trump’s Immigration Crackdown?

By Brandon Lowrey

The biggest impediment to President Donald Trump’s illegal-immigration crackdown may be the immigration court system itself.

414 What The Army Can Teach BigLaw About Bouncing Back

By Natalie Rodriguez

Some law firms are taking a page out of the U.S. Army playbook to help lawyers hone a small skill that researchers say could make a big difference.

414 Elliott Portnoy On Long Flights And Air Jordans

By Natalie Rodriguez

In a 10-minute interview with Law360, Dentons Global CEO Elliott Portnoy opened up about his hectic travel schedule, his closet full of Jordan-brand shoes and his joking wish to teach his dog tennis.

414 Kane Russell’s KJ Johnston Creates A ‘Mudbug’ Mecca

By Steven Trader

A quest for affordable crawfish led financial services attorney Kenneth Johnston to acquire 135 acres of wetland, where he spends time with friends and family farming his own “mudbugs.”

Quote mark The Best In Legal Talk

Trump’s Travel Ban, Fakin’ Frog, Yoda-Speak

By Richard McVay

Since our last edition, legal minds have discussed possum-playing frogs, so-called judges and never-ending pasta. Here are the best lines from the legal world.

How To Fix The Internet

Address The Business Model, Not The 1st Amendment

By Jon Garon, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law


It may seem like it is time to restrict free speech on the internet, but history teaches us that this is not the way. Four steps will return much of the online environment to the healthier experience of the '90s.

The Art Of Losing

By Anand Agneshwar, Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP


Losing is very much a part of a litigator's life. And when we lose, we are expected to get over it, pick up and move on. But sometimes there is no next step. Sometimes losing is losing — once and for all.

414 Gorsuch Nomination Sets Stage For Partisan Showdown

By Sindhu Sundar

President Donald Trump has chosen a Supreme Court nominee widely renowned for his legal credentials, but Democrats bitter over what they view as a stolen seat could make for a grueling confirmation.