Social engineers who hack humans instead of computers are predicted to make this the “Year of the Phish,” and their evolving scams may well be outpacing your clients’ fraud coverage.
414 What Your Colleagues Think Of Litigation Finance

By Cristina Violante

We asked, and you answered. Here are the results of Law360’s inaugural survey on third-party legal funding.

skyscrapers.jpg Why Investors Are Taking The Leap To 3rd-Party Funding

By Andrew Strickler

They often don’t know exactly what they’re buying, and there’s an ever-present chance they could come up empty in a given case. Here’s why investors are flocking to litigation finance anyway.

GettyImages-107858252.jpg Judges Search For Balance On Disclosing Litigation Finance

By Erin Coe

As third-party funding takes on a larger role in U.S. litigation, judges are starting to set guideposts about when information surrounding these secretive deals must be disclosed. Here are some of the biggest rulings and developments in the field.

414 Regulating Litigation Finance, At Home And Abroad

By Cristina Violante

Regulation of third-party funding is still scant in the U.S., and it varies widely in jurisdictions overseas. Here, Law360 lays out the patchwork of regulations governing the burgeoning industry.

The Case For Litigation Finance In Commercial Litigation

By Eric Robinson and Daniel Huyett

Eric Robinson and Daniel Huyett

Litigation finance is part of the conversation for an increasing number of companies — and it is a subject that litigators ignore at the risk of client relationships.

Shine A Light On 3rd-Party Litigation Funding

By John H. Beisner

John Beisner

While reasonable minds can disagree on the propriety of third-party litigation funding in the abstract, there is a growing consensus that these arrangements should be disclosed.