Judges and trial lawyers are stepping in to help young attorneys learn to persuade a jury, but as trials disappear, these efforts might prove to be too little, too late.
414 Defenders Of Obama-Era Rules Face Tough Path To Court

By Natalie Rodriguez

Advocates anticipating a change in course from the new president want in on a wide array of public policy cases. But will lack of standing stand in their way?

414 Primal Rights: One Attorney’s Quest For Chimpanzee Personhood

By Sindhu Sundar

An attorney whose efforts inspired a new HBO documentary is making the long-shot argument that chimpanzees are “persons” under the law. If he’s successful, it could be a game-changer for animal rights.

414 Ben Brafman On Famed Acquittals And Weekending In Israel

By Ed Beeson

In a recent interview, criminal defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman opened up to Law360 about weekend trips to Israel, the Hollywood actors who could play him, and what he might be doing if he weren’t a lawyer.

414 Holland & Knight’s Frank Keating Brings Mount Rushmore To Life

By Bryan Koenig

A former governor of Oklahoma and current grandfather of 10, Frank Keating is an ideal candidate to tailor U.S. history to a young audience. And his books have the awards to prove it.

Quote The Best In Legal Talk

Curt Judgments, Second Chances, Settlement Spats

By Richard McVay

Since our last edition, legal minds have discussed dead dogs, broke dads and costly wins. Here are the best lines from the legal world.

A Time Bomb For Law Firms: Mismatched Assets And Liabilities

By Michael Moradzadeh and Thomas White, Rimon PC


Traditional law firms have increasingly created a mismatch between assets and liabilities, making them unable to change as quickly as circumstances demand.

Dakota Access Pipeline — Not The End Of The World As We Know It

By Professor Anthony T. Caso, Chapman University Fowler School of Law

Tom Caso

New oil discoveries like the Bakken Oil Fields have given America energy independence. Environmentalists will argue that using oil for our energy needs is bad for the environment. For the moment, however, that oil is our best option.

414 Transgender Attorneys Blaze Trail To Equality

By Ed Beeson

Lawyers in BigLaw and beyond have found that being transgender won’t stop them from being successful, but that doesn’t mean the profession is always a haven.

414 For Judges, Trump’s Potshots Open A New Act In An Old Show

By Sindhu Sundar

The judiciary has long weathered criticism from public officials, but former judges say the president’s recent statements break new ground in attacking court credibility.