The ‘Tenth Justice’ And The Limits Of Influence

By Jacqueline Bell and Cristina Violante

Although the solicitor general remains the most influential lawyer at the Supreme Court, the growing ranks of specialty advocates are finding increasing success against the “tenth justice.”
798897cd12714261a3bdd6a0d7da3023_Obama Trump_5528x3791.jpg Trump’s Clash With Obama’s Legacy Pits Feds Against Feds

By Ed Beeson

The new U.S. Supreme Court term kicks off Monday with something it hasn’t seen in perhaps a quarter-century: lawyers from two federal agencies taking opposite sides in oral arguments. And more such cases may be in the pipeline.

d83817601d0c4f80a1f9f0e0153c8faf_Supreme_Court_Gorsuch_79888_5300x3533.jpg Why It May Be Too Soon To Typecast Justice Gorsuch

By Jimmy Hoover

As Justice Neil Gorsuch begins his first full Supreme Court term, Republicans are pleased that he appears to be the staunch conservative they had hoped for. But the full picture of the high court’s newest addition has yet to come into focus.

414 Gorsuch Set For Brush With Chevron ‘Behemoth’

By Ed Beeson

As a Tenth Circuit judge, Neil Gorsuch wrote that it may be time to “face the behemoth” of Chevron deference, the 33-year-old doctrine that limits court review of agency interpretations of the law. He’ll soon have the opportunity to do just that.

414 The Cases Corporate America Will Be Watching

By Erin Coe

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is back at full strength, its docket is already shaping up to be a blockbuster one for businesses. Here’s a look at some of the biggest cases of the upcoming term, including advocate profiles, expert predictions and what’s at stake in the ultimate decision.

414 October Showdown: The Biggest Supreme Court Matchups

By Erin Coe

Even with the marquee battle over the Trump administration’s travel ban in limbo, October’s Supreme Court oral argument docket includes a case that could run to the core of U.S. democracy and another that pits two federal agencies against each other. Here are some of the appellate heavyweights in the highest-profile clashes starting off the new term.

414 Law360's Pro Say: Special Supreme Court Preview

By Law360 Staff

On the latest episode of Law360's Pro Say podcast, we spend the entire show with a former acting U.S. solicitor general, who tells us why the upcoming Supreme Court term could be a blockbuster one.

supreme-court-statue.jpg Law360 Sizes Up The Term To Come

By Law360 Staff

Free from the specter of a 4-4 split, the Supreme Court once again has a docket filled with cases that could make big waves in the culture wars or reshape everyday practice for a wide variety of lawyers. Here’s our look at the upcoming term, drawn from coverage across our newswires.