In the wake of major overhauls to class action law, plaintiffs firms are finding the best way to achieve success is to band together.
414 Time On Tobacco’s Side In Engle Progeny Battles

By Brandon Lowrey

Lengthy appeals and a massive court backlog are taking their toll on Florida’s cigarette plaintiffs.

414 Legislative Haymaker Could Slam Class Actions

By Brandon Lowrey

A wide-ranging bill to rein in class actions appears to have stalled in Congress, but efforts to reshape the law aren’t going away anytime soon.

414 ‘Professional Objectors’ And The Class Action Payday Wars

By Diana Novak Jones and Ed Beeson

A Texas attorney facing a lawsuit claiming he hijacks class action settlements is being held out as a prime example of why the objections process needs reform.

414 Era Of Mammoth Cases Tests Remedy Of Last Resort

By Natalie Rodriguez

Your past Google searches likely put you in line for a cut of a multimillion-dollar class settlement, but under the cy pres deal, you'll get nothing. Courts are increasingly asking: Is this fair?

414 The Rising Costs Of Tamping Down Class Actions

By Erin Coe

Despite business-friendly shifts in the law, corporate America is spending more to stave off class actions while facing riskier cases.

414 A Class Action Watcher’s Guide To The High Court

By Erin Coe

The U.S. Supreme Court may soon put stricter limits on class actions, continuing the plaintiffs bar’s recent losing streak.