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LexisNexis Launches Law360's Access To Justice

  October 28, 2018, 10:27 PM EDT

Letter from the Publisher

“How do we give back?”

For many of us, that question has gained momentum as social injustices and civil rights exploitation have continued to dominate the national debate. Over the last decade, Law360 has focused tirelessly to provide the best daily coverage to our subscribers in key practice areas, major industries, and marquee jurisdictions. But those efforts don’t always leave a lot of time to stop and examine some of the serious social challenges facing our world. In particular, we don’t always get the chance to dig into how the Rule of Law -- or lack thereof -- can greatly impact our communities.

At Law360, we felt we could best give back by reporting on the access of individuals and disadvantaged populations to adequate, equitable, and essential criminal and civil justice systems as well as the noteworthy initiatives and individuals who promote such a cause. And so, what began as a question has now become a mission. 

Today, I am proud to formally announce the launch of our weekly Access to Justice Law360 newswire. As a completely free offering that will wholly reside outside the Law360 paywall, our stories will cover developments that have a clear public interest, including trends affecting the justice gap and efforts of legal aid organizations, pro bono programs and other difference makers to help citizens with the fewest resources gain much needed access to the courts and systems. Our hope is that by highlighting these stories we can help ensure that justice is not just a word on a page (or screen, as the case may be), but instead is within the grasp of those who desperately need it most.

This announcement marks one of the most gratifying moments of my tenure at LexisNexis as I share this exciting news with our readership on behalf of the Law360 team. It humbles me to see such a hard-working and passionate group of people whom I have the good fortune to work alongside each day here. It’s an honor to be part of an award-winning newsroom and organization that is now turning its attention to such important issues impacting access to justice. We hope you, our readers, find this valuable and that in some small way our coverage helps support this important cause.

Scott Roberts
General Manager