Life Sciences

  • November 8, 2005

    FTC Lawsuit Sends Barr Back To Court

    Fresh from an appeals court victory regarding an authorized generics deal, Barr Laboratories has been slapped with another lawsuit over the controversial practice, this time facing allegations of unfair competition from the Federal Trade Commission.

  • November 7, 2005

    Charges Mount Against Guidant As J&J Deal Sours

    Embattled medical device maker Guidant Corporation can now add a federal investigation to its growing list of financial and legal worries, as the Securities and Exchange Commission has initiated a formal probe into the company’s product disclosures.

  • November 7, 2005

    In A Twist, Generics Maker Says Pfizer Infringed Patent

    Turning the tables on Pfizer Inc., a generic drug maker sued the pharmaceutical giant for patent infringement this month, claiming Pfizer’s blockbuster blood pressure drug Norvasc violates its intellectual property.

  • November 7, 2005

    Authorized Generics Deal Cleared Of Antitrust Charges

    An appeals court has upheld a lower court decision that cleared two major drug makers of antitrust charges in a decision that once again spotlights the debate over authorized generics.

  • November 4, 2005

    Pfizer and Mylan Back To Court In Lengthy Dispute

    In the most recent development in a court battle that is poised to enter its fourth year, a district court judge denied both the Mylan’s and Pfizer’s requests for summary judgment, sending the drug companies back to court over the patents for $2.5 billion drug Norvasc.

  • November 4, 2005

    ImClone Stockholders Settle Insider Trading Charges

    Two ImClone stockholders accused of insider trading have settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission, agreeing to hand over more than $2.7 million reaped in December 2001 using non-public information about the cancer research company.

  • November 5, 2005

    IP Litigation Awards, Settlements Reach Record Highs

    Topped by medical device maker Medtronic’s dizzying $1.35 billion payout to a Los Angeles surgeon, this is turning out to be a blockbuster year for settlements and awards in intellectual property litigation, according to our survey of litigation payouts and the firms that win them.

  • November 4, 2005

    Supreme Court May Co-Opt Patent Reform

    The U.S. patent regime stands on the threshold of the most sweeping reforms in decades, intellectual property attorneys agree. But in a twist, the most dramatic changes will likely come not from Congress, but from the Supreme Court, where a buffet of patent lawsuits awaits consideration for appeal.

  • November 2, 2005

    Chief Justice Drops Out Of Landmark Patent Case

    In a surprising move, Chief Justice John Roberts has recused himself from one of the most closely followed patent cases to reach the Supreme Court, admitting he made a mistake in taking part in the early stages of the appeal.

  • November 3, 2005

    Drug Makers Gear Up For Round Two In Lipitor Case

    Although attention has now turned to the ongoing Lipitor litigation in the United States, Ranbaxy and Pfizer will continue their U.K. battle over the blockbuster anti-cholesterol drug after Ranbaxy was cleared to appeal a ruling of infringement handed down last month.

  • November 2, 2005

    Supreme Court Mulls Case On Authorized Generics

    The heated debate over authorized generics is one step closer to being heard by the Supreme Court after justices asked the Department of Justice for its opinion in the Federal Trade Commission’s case against drug maker Schering Plough.

  • November 1, 2005

    Novartis Purchase Of Chiron Puts Spotlight On Biologics

    Drug maker Novartis AG’s acquisition of Chiron Corp. will expand the Swiss company’s footprints in the U.S. biotech market even as its generics division braces for a battle to launch the first generic biotech drugs in the United States.

  • October 31, 2005

    In Setback for Glaxo, U.K. Invalidates Paxil Patent

    The U.K. House of Lords has upheld a lower court’s decision to invalidate the patent for the key ingredient in GlaxoSmithKline’s Paxil, one of the world’s most widely prescribed antidepressants.

  • October 31, 2005

    Supreme Court Rebuffs Solicitor General, Takes LabCorp Case

    Despite a recommendation from the Bush administration urging it not to hear the case, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to consider a patent infringement suit covering technology that predicts heart attacks, strokes, and dementia.

  • October 31, 2005

    Lawsuits Make Company Worth More Dead Than Alive

    Volumetrics Medical Imaging may be defunct, but thanks to continuing intellectual property litigation the company is more profitable now than it was when it actually existed.

  • October 28, 2005

    Patent Fight Over Microscope Gear Trudges On

    Two medical device makers are heading back to district court after a Federal Circuit ruling in a complex web of litigation that has kept lawyers in the U.S. and Europe on the case busy for more than six years.

  • October 28, 2005

    Acacia Targets Heavy Industry With New Patent

    Weeks after forcing schools to pen licensing deals for its streaming-media patents, patent holding company Acacia Research Corp. is now setting its sights on manufacturers and heavy industry with a newly acquired patent for resource scheduling technology.

  • October 27, 2005

    Connetics Files Suit Over Agis ANDA

    Connetics Corp. has sued Israeli pharmaceutical company Agis Industries Ltd. for patent infringement after Agis filed an Abbreviated New Drug Application for Connetics’ best selling scalp treatment Olux.

  • October 27, 2005

    Bausch And Lomb Audits Brazilian Branch Amid Fraud Allegations

    Several executives with Bausch and Lomb’s Brazilian subsidiary are under investigation for allegedly appropriating funds and depositing them in their own pension accounts and the accounts of other insiders.

  • October 26, 2005

    CAT And Abbott Settle Humira Royalties Dispute

    Cambridge Antibody Technologies and Abbott Laboratories have ended their protracted dispute over the royalties for cholesterol drug Humira, reaching a settlement just one day before a lawsuit was scheduled to begin.