• February 1, 2018

    Judge Blasts 'Conspiracy Wonderland' In Axing Satellite Suit

    The Delaware Chancery Court has "gladly" tossed a suit accusing an Italian state-controlled company and its affiliates of conspiring to misappropriate a project to commercialize certain Russian satellites from a Delaware company, scolding a former officer of the latter company for concocting a “conspiracy wonderland." 

  • February 1, 2018

    Apple Consumer Asks To Drop Appeal Over Used IPhones

    A customer who claimed Apple Inc. hid that damaged iPhones covered by service plans are replaced with used phones told the Ninth Circuit on Thursday that she has agreed to end her suit against the tech giant.

  • February 1, 2018

    FCC's Econ Office Expected To Ground Decisions In Data

    The Federal Communications Commission kicked off a somewhat controversial reorganization effort this week when it voted Tuesday to open a new Office of Economics and Analytics — a move criticized by the agency's two Democratic commissioners but expected by experts to support bipartisan goals.

  • February 1, 2018

    4th Circ. Says Cox Forfeited Copyright Safe Harbor

    The Fourth Circuit ruled Thursday that Cox Communications forfeited copyright immunity by failing to terminate users who repeatedly pirated music, but nonetheless tossed out a $25 million infringement verdict against the broadband provider and ordered a new trial.

  • January 31, 2018

    Ally Financial Must Face TCPA Suit Over Car Loan

    Ally Financial Inc. will face a Telephone Consumer Protection Act suit over allegations it improperly called a debtor more than 1,200 times trying to collect on an auto loan, a Florida federal judge said Wednesday, finding no reason to grant a quick win to either side.

  • January 31, 2018

    FCC Is Focused On Private 5G Networks, Officials Say

    Federal Communications Commission officials further distanced themselves Tuesday from a report that purportedly laid out plans for a government-operated 5G network to combat foreign security concerns, with the agency’s chairman emphasizing that the United States is already asserting dominance in the telecommunications space.

  • January 31, 2018

    Class Counsel Can't Pause Atty's Suit Over $25M TCPA Deal

    Class counsel who secured a $25 million settlement in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act case cannot stop a state court suit from an attorney seeking to be paid for his work on the case, with a California federal judge ruling Tuesday that the suit had no bearing on the awarding of attorneys' fees. 

  • January 31, 2018

    NY Comedians Cut Deal To End IP Suit Over TV Show Stunt

    Two New York comedians who founded a website that scavenges video footage have cut a deal with a local broadcasting company to resolve allegations they faked their personas to get on a Wisconsin morning show and infringed the station’s copyrights, according to documents filed Wednesday in New York federal court.

  • January 31, 2018

    Fox Scores Rights To Televise Thursday Night Football

    Fox Sports will broadcast the next five seasons of Thursday Night Football under an agreement the programmer inked with the National Football League on Wednesday.

  • January 31, 2018

    FTC Asks FCC To Hold Off On Robocall Error-Fixing Rules

    The Federal Trade Commission is asking its fellow regulators at the Federal Communications Commission to refrain from imposing additional requirements on telephone service providers in connection with the FCC’s recent robocall blocking rules, saying it’s not yet necessary to formalize a challenge process for erroneously blocked calls.

  • January 31, 2018

    Deals Rumor Mill: CBS, Liberty Mutual, Avast Software

    The CBS Corp. board is reportedly discussing a potential merger with Viacom Inc. on Thursday, Liberty Mutual is shopping around its private equity and real estate stakes, and Avast Software has tapped banks for its London initial public offering.

  • January 31, 2018

    Wash. AG Sees Surge In Comcast Service Plan Complaints

    The Washington state attorney general’s office has announced that it has received “dozens” of complaints from Comcast customers in the weeks since it unveiled expanded state court allegations in a $100 million-plus lawsuit accusing the company of deceiving consumers and signing some up for a paid service without their consent.

  • January 31, 2018

    FCC's Carr Outlines Deregulation Plan To Spur 5G Buildout

    Federal Communications Commission member Brendan Carr proposed a series of regulatory cuts to spur investment in the next generation mobile data network in a speech Wednesday in Belgium, calling for the agency to pare down environmental and other reviews to get the country “5G ready.”

  • January 30, 2018

    Calif. Senate Passes Net Neutrality Law, Defies FCC Order

    Challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to unravel net neutrality, the California State Senate approved a bill imposing net neutrality restrictions on internet service providers, despite the agency's order preempting states from passing their own versions of the Obama-era regulation.

  • January 30, 2018

    Deals Rumor Mill: Walmart, Telecom Italia, InterCement

    Walmart is eyeing a stake in an Indian e-commerce company, Telecom Italia might spin off its network into a separate company, and Latin American cement giant InterCement Participações SA might be listing its European and African operations.

  • January 30, 2018

    FCC Votes To Open Economics Office Over Dems' Objections

    The Federal Communications Commission voted Tuesday to open a new Office of Economics and Analytics, despite criticism from Democratic leaders that the reorganization will create an echo chamber to prop up an industry-driven agenda.

  • January 30, 2018

    Federal Cash Needed To Bridge Digital Divide, ISPs Say

    Bringing high-speed internet service to remote rural and other underserved areas will take big bucks as well as a big cut in red tape, telecommunications industry representatives and consumer advocates told a congressional panel Tuesday.

  • January 30, 2018

    FCC Proposes $18.7M Fine For Rural Health Program Fraud

    The FCC on Tuesday voted unanimously to move forward with a proposed $18.7 million fine against a telecommunications service provider accused of using fraudulent documentation and an improper relationship with a bidding consultant to bilk a program that helps rural health care providers pay for communication services.

  • January 30, 2018

    False Missile Alert Stemmed From Drill Gone Bad, FCC Says

    The Hawaii state employee who blasted out a false missile alert in mid-January did so because he misinterpreted an unannounced training exercise and believed the threat was real, the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday.

  • January 30, 2018

    Samsung, Verizon Face East Texas IP Infringement Suit

    An Israeli inventor and computer scientist sued Samsung and Verizon through his patent holding company Tuesday in an Eastern District of Texas lawsuit alleging infringement of cellphone signal-boosting technology that uses televisions and other equipment to route calls through add-on base stations.

Expert Analysis

  • Net Neutrality Rollback Raises Significant Questions

    Lauren Coppola

    The Restoring Internet Freedom order leaves much to be desired in terms of clarity, particularly in presenting sound legal principles that govern claims against internet service providers. No question is more important than who is going to protect businesses and consumers, says Lauren Coppola of Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP.

  • Roundup

    40 Years Of FCPA


    ​Dec. 19 marked the 40th anniversary of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Catch up on this series featuring reflections from attorneys who have played a role in the evolution of FCPA enforcement, defense and compliance.​

  • How 2 Devices And 1 Domain Changed My Practice In 2017

    Paul Kiesel

    The question I ask about new technology is how can it improve the quality of my practice — and my life? This year, the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 and a .LAW domain have proven to be great investments, for professional and personal reasons, says attorney Paul Kiesel of Kiesel Law LLP.

  • Alternative Fees: My Experience At Bartlit Beck

    J.B. Heaton

    Bartlit Beck was a wonderful place to work for 18 years, and the lawyers there are not only excellent attorneys but also great people. That said, I can look analytically at the Bartlit Beck fee model and make some observations on its pros and cons, says J.B. Heaton, founder of investment analytics company Conjecture LLC.

  • Opinion

    Jurors Should Have An Active Role In Trials

    Judge Amos Mazzant III

    We tell jurors how important they are to the successful implementation of our judicial system, but oftentimes we don’t treat them with the reverence they deserve. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant III of the Eastern District of Texas, Lisa Blue of Baron and Blue, and Robert Hirschhorn of Cathy E. Bennett & Associates advocate three improvements to give jurors an active role in our civil and criminal jury trials.

  • Series

    40 Years Of FCPA: An Update From The DOJ

    Daniel Kahn

    U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors and law enforcement partners have secured more foreign bribery-related trial convictions and guilty pleas this year than in any other year in the history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, in fact by almost twice as much. These are all significant cases with significant impacts, says Daniel Kahn, chief of the DOJ's FCPA Unit.

  • Why Information Governance Is More Important Than Ever

    Linda Sharp

    It used to be that hiring a good law firm was the single most important thing a company could do when facing litigation. You could now make the case that an organization’s most powerful asset in prosecuting or defending a claim is its information, says Linda Sharp, associate general counsel of ZL Technologies and chair of the ACC Information Governance Committee.

  • New Obstacles For VPPA Plaintiffs At 9th Circ.

    Joshua Jessen

    Although the lure of hefty statutory damages under the Video Privacy Protection Act means that VPPA litigation will almost certainly continue, the Ninth Circuit's recent decision in Eichenberger v. ESPN is another setback for plaintiffs attempting to map this pre-internet law onto modern platforms that serve video content, say attorneys with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

  • Opinion

    BigLaw Is Behind The Automation Curve

    Michael Moradzadeh

    In its new report on the effects of automation in the workplace, McKinsey Global Institute identifies lawyers as less susceptible to the sort of automation that could put one-third of American workers out of a career by 2030. This may seem reassuring, but it doesn't mean automation won't disrupt our bottom line, says Michael Moradzadeh of Rimon PC.

  • Series

    40 Years Of FCPA: Compliance, Past And Future

    Hui Chen

    More than any other statute, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has fueled the growth of the compliance industry. While the expansion of corporate compliance is a positive development, the fear-driven and FCPA-centric approach has also produced unfortunate consequences, says ethics consultant Hui Chen, who served as the U.S. Department of Justice's first-ever compliance counsel.